Will Forte's Return to TV Is Promising in Light of Recent 'SNL' Alumni Success

Will Forte is back on television, and no, it's not as MacGruber. Forte's new show, Last Man on Earth , was just picked up by Fox. He both created and stars in the show, a single-camera comedy that follows Forte as the last man on earth (duh).

Although endless listicles can be made about the (usually bad) films to come out of Saturday Night Live, it seems that former cast members are at their best when they're in their element on the small screen. Forte isn't the first Saturday Night Live member to return to television, and hopefully, he won't be the last.

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Amy Poehler

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People forget, but in Parks and Recreation’s first season, people looked to the show as a weak imitation of The Office. Now, we’ve gotten to know and love everyone in Pawnee, Indiana, and there’s not a show around that’s more heartwarming or reliably good. Of course, it’s hard to do wrong when you’re Amy Poehler.

Andy Samberg

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Andy Samberg went straight back to television when he left Saturday Night Live, and it’s turned out for the better. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was one of the strongest new shows these season, winning a few Golden Globes, getting critical acclaim, and having some of the most diverse and interesting characters on television.

Kristen Wiig

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Sure, The Spoils of Babylon may have ended its run on IFC last week — it was only a miniseries, after all. But Wiig should definitely have another run at television. She’s one of the stronger comedians to come out of SNL in recent years, and she’s long overdue to head up a comedy series of her own, a la Fey/Poehler.

Fred Armisen

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Portlandia is now in its fourth season and still continues to offer a fresh take on modern life through weird sketch comedy. And now, Armisen will be pulling double duty on television, starring on Portlandia as well as being the bandleader on fellow SNL alum Seth Meyer’s new spot on Late Night.

Tina Fey

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Repeated Netflix re-watchings cannot fill the hole that was left in our television-watching lives when 30 Rock ended. Fortunately, Tina Fey just can’t seem to keep away from the small screen. The show she’s created, Tooken, will star Ellie Kemper and premiere this fall on NBC.