Twitter Reacts To The Puma Fur Slides

by Teresa Newsome

On April 22, the Puma fur slides Rihanna has been working super hard on to birth into the world will drop into the shopping carts of devoted fans everywhere. And probably sell out in the time it takes you to decide on a color (or justify buying more than one pair for yourself). And if the buzz on Twitter is any indication of the demand, then these shoes might just break the Internet, too. Everyone wants them. I mean, it's looking like people are going to seriously lose their sh*t over these babies.

The Fur Slides, part of the Fenty by Rihanna line, appeared on RiRi's Instagram as a tease. They come in pink, white, and black and retail for $80 (from, but from the Twitter reactions, you'd think they were made of solid gold, or maybe dipped in the precious sweat of Rihanna herself. Because it's not gross if it's Rihanna. Duh.

And because Twitter never disappoints, the reactions to the impending release date have been nothing but pure Internet joy. I mean, you can smell the tears, the want, and the sheer need from your phone.

Are they cute? To a lot of people, the answer is a giant yes. Are they practical? Well — does it really matter? I mean, Rihanna wore them with athletic socks and a black mesh skirt, so I'm pretty sure you can make them work with your wardrobe.

So now that you know thee deets, let's take to the Tweets to let the hype rain down upon us.

Plus, there are infinity versions of these Tweets right here:

I feel like someone needs to start a movement for feet positivity. Seriously. As if anyone would be looking at your toes instead of those slides anyway...

The drop date is still a week away, so looks like you'll be spending it like this:

Images: badgalriri/Instagram