Jeremy Abbott Falls During Sochi Short Program, Gets Back Up and Delivers Stunning Olympic Moment

First, Evgeni Plushenko dropped out of the men's competition at the Sochi Olympics following an injury. Then, just minutes later, U.S. figure skater Jeremy Abbott suffered a bad fall during his short program... only to get back up and deliver what some are deeming one of the most inspiring moments of the games thus far.

While skating the short program, Abbott, a 28-year-old two-time Olympian who also competed in Vancouver, fell while attempting a quadruple toe loop, hitting the edge of the skating rink, and holding his right side in pain. (See footage of Abbott's stumble here.) But, following the setback, Abbott got back up, finished his skate — backed by Jun Miyake's "Lilies of the Valley" — and delivered a performance that put him in the lead, scoring 72.58. (This marked the second time Abbott stumbled during the Sochi Olympics — during the team competition, he fell twice during his short program.) UPDATE: After the short program, Abbott is placed 15th.

Those watching were incredulous... but inspired. Not since Kerri Strug has the Olympics seen a contender so tenacious, and so victorious in spite of a fall. In turn, Twitter was overwhelmed with support for Abbott in his second Olympic Games, considering his fall a triumph, leading to a great Olympic moment. Just a small sampling what some on the social network had to say after watching Abbott's routine:

Some went as far as to give the young skater super powers:

While others are already setting their DVRs up for a made-for-TV special:

With the competition still ongoing, it's unclear how Abbott will fare (but, with Russia's Plushenko out of the running, Abbott's chances of medaling are that much stronger). But he certainly proved the victor when it came to channeling the Olympic spirit, especially during his post-performance interview:

Who else can't wait to tune in tonight?

Image: Getty Images