This Personal Pizza Oven For Your Kitchen Is Too Much Power For Humankind To Handle

The pizza gods have heard your late night prayers and are granting your one true pizza wish. That's right — you can now own your very own personal pizza oven. Pause for applause break. Now that you have calmed down and are back to sitting, I can reveal that Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven can be yours within a reasonable amount of time and some monetary sacrifice. You know the product must be good if it has the word pizza in it three times!

This little gadget allows you to cook your very own personal pizza in six minutes. All you have to do it let your oven's gas settings preheat the appliance on your stove top (which takes about 15 minutes), and the rest is taken care of! Now you don't have to scavenge the ends of your neighborhood for some authentic handmade pizza — you can just do it all yourself. Just imagine how many delicious pizza parties you will be able to take part in with your friends!

The Pizzacraft magic machine can be purchased online for $164.98. If the price is too steep, consider splitting it with roommates or asking for it as a graduation gift — or just consider all the time and money you'll save by not going out in pants and buying pizza yourself. Trust me, life post-college is all about that search for the perfect slice. Side note: Did I mention that this device features its very own pizza wheel? Because it does.

As someone who missing New York City every day of her life, this might just be the slice of home I've been looking for. Now, if I only had the cash. Until then, I'm going to compile a list of pizza gadgets I'll start splurging on the moment my big break happens.

1. Pizza Scissors

Cutting pizza is a skill. I put it in my resume under "unique talents". I wish I knew this device existed before spending an entire summer training on the perfect cutting technique. This device not only cuts, but makes it so easy to cary the hot slide straight to your plate. Bless you, whoever invented this. , $16.55

2. Porcupine Cheese Grater

This way, you can grate all of that delicious extra cheese on your cutting board and don't have to worry about it slipping. I love the quirky design!

Royal Design, $14

3. Pizza Stand

After you are done cooking, cutting and adding extra cheese to your pizza, you will need a place to put it. This is why you should get a nice pizza stand to display your creation. I really like the weird lines and design of this one.

Amazon, $22.02

Happy pizza partying, everyone!

Images: Courtesy of Brands