13 Twitter Reactions To Taylor Swift's Platinum Blonde Hair Prove Fans Think She's Always Stunning

I’m a firm believer that this classic lady could never go out of style (if you can read that without singing to yourself, you're a better person than I am). However, she is pushing the limits of her signature look with this latest 'do. Taylor Swift went platinum blonde for the cover of Vogue , and nobody was expecting it. See the thirteen best Twitter reactions to T. Swift’s new blonde ‘do. The world was in a state of shock over this makeover, which always produces the best kinds of tweets.

Swift is known for her classic red lip, light, but not too light blonde hair and her ultra feminine style. Well, she stepped outside of the box with this one and decided to go all rocker glam on us. And while it was a shocking change, it’s hard not to love this look on her, if you ask me.

Her white blonde locks are shaggy and all over the place. Pair that with a sequin mini-dress, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a rock ‘n roll, tough-girl vibe. And it was nothing that Swift couldn’t pull off. She opens up in her interview with Vogue about having to deal with haters online, and her kick butt and take names later approach to handling their negativity couldn’t have matched her style more.

She's stunning, in more ways than one!

For every negative comment there are like a bazillion positive ones about her. See thirteen tweets that sum up just how much people are loving her new look.

1. All Is Right With The World

After seeing T. Swift as a platinum blonde, we've seen just about everything, and all is right with the world.

2. High-Fashion Makeover

This look is high-fashion and gorgeous.

3. Stunning

She's shockingly stunning with this new 'do.

4. The Perfect Emoji

This emoji couldn't be more accurate. Okaaaaayyy?

5. Too Hot To Handle

People are loving her sizzlin' new style.

6. Killing It

She's killing it, per usual.

7. Caps Lock

Because sometimes, capital letters are necessary.

8. Career Advice

This was obviously sound advice.

9. So Many Pretty Things To Look At

What to direct my attention to? The hair? Or the shoes? They're both so good!

10. Wonder No More

Welp, she solved that dilemma, didn't she?

11. Taylor Swift 2.0

There's nothing wrong with switching between multiple styles.

12. Perfection

It just doesn't get better than this.

13. Beautiful Inside & Out

It's that inner beauty that really helps her shine!

Shake off those haters, T. Swift. You still look incredible.


One thing's for sure, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the bleached blonde version of her.

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