'House Of Cards' Season 2 Will Be Just As Surprising & Addictive As Its First


The second season of House Of Cards premieres Feb. 14, which means you best battle down the hatches and prepare yourselves to be thrust back into the political whirlwind of the Underwoods & Co. The imminent premiere means there are numerous new interviews from the illustrious cast and the show's creator making the rounds today, which means we're being granted all kinds of insight into House Of Cards Season 2, from how it'll compare to the first season to character insight that might help set the stage for when you finally sit down and watch Season 2.

Here's what Kate Mara, who plays ambitious reporter Zoe Barnes, said when GQ asked if this second season "turns up the dials":

And on what she thinks of as the most important part of her character:

Here's what the show's creator, Beau Willimon, said to TV Guide recently in regard to whether he sees Peter Russo as the moral center of the show's first season:

On what you'll get from Robin Wright's Claire Underwood this season:

And on what it says that President Obama commented that he wished America's real-life politic ran more similarly to that of House Of Cards:

Let's all just agree to be grateful Obama didn't say he wished our government ran more like the one in Scandal.

Image: Netflix