Photos Of The Hate Free NY Protests Show What It Looks Like When People Band Together

The New York State Republican Gala is usually a haughty, black-tie affair, and Thursday evening's event was to be no exception. All three Republican candidates were to convene for what would most likely be the classiest event they have attended together (since the debates, voters know, are definitely not classy shows), but thankfully, protesters had gathered outside well before the GOP Gala was set to begin to disrupt that bogus image. Hate Free NY, a group that describes themselves as "New Yorkers who reject all forms of racism and bigotry," started a series of protests outside the gala's grounds, with the hopes of reminding everyone what these GOP candidates are really about (and it isn't hors d'oeuvres).

Since the protests began several hours before the start of the gala, the protesters have managed to storm the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Midtown, where Trump was set to speak. And because they combat racism and bigotry specifically, their efforts have been largely focused on GOP front-runner Donald Trump (who, of course, has built his campaign on platforms of racism and bigotry). According to the local New York station WCBS 880, protesters were able to get inside the building, ascend to the balcony level of the hotel, and burst through to the press room, horrifying the gala's attendees. Seven people have been arrested so far.

Photos of the protest show people with signs that read, "New Yorkers Against Islamophobia" and "A Vote For Trump Is A Vote Against Humanity." The protest certainly shatters that black-tie image the GOP was likely wanting to project:

Hopefully, these photos of so many people gathering together in the spirit of combating racism and prejudices will restore your faith in humanity — I know it did mine.