Democratic Debate Audience Memes & Tweets Nail Just How Annoying The Cheers & Jeers Are

During the big Brooklyn showdown, the Democratic debate audience was being particularly loud, seemingly reacting to every single phrase that came out of the candidates' mouths. This was a pretty stark difference to the normal audience reactions, where people usually only cheer for the big talking points or particularly bad zingers. But for some reason on Thursday night (maybe it's because the candidates haven't debated in what seems like forever?), the audience was acting like Oprah just told them "You get a car, and you get car! Everybody gets a car!"

And the candidates certainly have a lot to debate, as Bernie Sanders has inched his way up toward Hillary Clinton's delegate numbers over the last few weeks. Indeed, it seems that the last Democratic debate in early March could have been a lifetime ago in terms of a political timeline.The Brooklyn showdown included talks of gun manufacturers and liability, the federal minimum wage, and each candidates' willingness to break up the big banks. And the audience was eating up every word, cheering and booing for the candidates' remarks almost endlessly (and, similarly, sometimes doing so at times that seem practically out of sync). So of course, Twitter was quick to take notice.

And some viewers feel like they're watching another program entirely...

So, whether you were watching the Democratic debate or some bizarre, Twilight Zone-esque version in which the debate actually became a '90s sitcom, hopefully you can put the annoyance of the audience behind you and get some good laughs out of these reactions.