Will Miranda Bailey & Ben Warren Break Up? The 'Grey's Anatomy' Couple Hit A Roadblock

Even though these are fictional characters, I really felt for Grey's Anatomy's Miranda Bailey and Ben Warren on Thursday's double episode. It has to be really hard having a work life balance when you work at a hospital with your spouse and one of them is the Chief of Surgery and the other is a resident. There are a lot of grey areas and accusations of favoritism that have been touched upon in past episodes, so it was about time that this has finally come to a head and Bailey had to make a tough decision when her husband was in trouble. She had to remove herself from being his wife and think like the Chief of Surgery.

So, what happened? There was a "code pink" alert in the hospital because a child was missing. This meant that all of the doors and elevators were shut until the child was found. Warren had a pregnant patient in distress so Warren sliced her open right as the "code pink" ended and the elevator opened which was caught on a surveillance camera. In the video, Warren looked up and it really seemed like he saw the doors open and just sliced anyway without a care. Both the mom and baby ended up dying anyway.

Bailey did not feel that she could make a decision as to his punishment her own, so she put together a panel to talk to Warren, review the case, and recommend a course of action. Warren explained that, even though the video depicts otherwise, he did not know that the elevator doors opened and that the "code pink" was over. He explained that he was so focused on the case and trying to save the patient that he did not see anything else. The panel understood his perspective and conveyed that to Bailey.

She did not let her husband off the hook and she ended up giving him a six month suspension from the residency program. I don't know if she really didn't believe him or if she was just so afraid of favoritism accusations that she had to punish her own husband. Either way, it was a pretty heartbreaking scene to watch, and it's unclear how this professional conflict is going to affect their romantic relationship, but you know it can't be a good.

At the end of the episode my heart broke more than Warren's when he found out that his own wife actually wanted to fire him and the committee actually wanted to forgive him and get her to go easy on him. The only stable couple on Grey's Anatomy ended up being disappointed in each other, and I don't know what to do with myself. I just wish I could give them both hugs right now. It's gonna be a rocky road ahead for the pair, and I'm not ready for it.

Image: ABC