Will Arizona Sue Callie On 'Grey's Anatomy'? Another Custody Battle Is Brewing

Grey's Anatomy fans went into Thursday's expecting to the a custody battle between Jackson and April over their unborn baby, which did happen, but it was super shocking to see Arizona consulting with an attorney at the end of the episode. Callie told Arizona that she wanted to go with Penny and move to New York with their daughter Sophia. She never really gave Arizona a chance to react because she was overjoyed and talking way too much, but the episode ended with Arizona speaking with a lawyer about fighting Callie for custody.

What is with the people on this show and the legal consults? What happened to just talking to your partner or ex if there's an issue between the two of you? I don't get the immediate need to talk to a lawyer about suing for custody. Plus, the baby is Callie's biological child, and I have no idea what legal right Arizona could have that would justify her having full custody. I understand that she views Sophia as her child, and I'm not trying to take away from that by any means, but it just seems like a rash decision to make when Callie wasn't even talking about having full custody of her.

Oh, and it's not even definite that Callie is actually moving. She has no job or other plans in New York City and all she said was that she was excited about the opportunity. Nothing is set in stone, yet Arizona just went into the lawyer's officer making some super aggressive moves.

It really seemed like these two were in a nice, civil place as exes and co-parents, but I don't see that lasting long once Callie becomes informed of Arizona's custody bid. These two just need to have a normal conversation about the possibility of Callie moving before getting lawyers involved, but it's too late for that. It seems like things will only get more messy from here. After all, it is Grey's Anatomy.

Image: ABC