The One Beyonce Ivy Park Detail You Didn't Know Will Make Shoppers Very Happy

Have you survived Ivy Park mania? Beyonce's Ivy Park collection, which is a joint venture with Sir Philip Green and is sold at Topshop, both in stores and online, landed on April 14 with quite a bang. Massive advance excitement surrounded the collection. So when it arrived in stores and on the web, shoppers were there, scooping up the pieces. The Ivy Park activewear brand is full of basics —think leggings, tees, sports bras, and hoodies, to name a few. The brand's PR was vocal about the fact that Ivy Park is anything but a typical celeb collabo, where an A-lister's name is slapped on a limited edition collection.

While the advance hype certainly reminded me of last fall's "Balmainia" regarding the Balmain x H&M collection, there is a critical detail you need to know about Beyonce's Ivy Park. It's excellent news for those who may not have been able to snatch up select pieces or sizes upon launch.

Ivy Park is not a limited edition collection. It is not a short-term celebrity line. It's a standalone brand. It's also a long-term addition to the Topshop brand. Cosmo noted that the reason that customers were not wrapped around the block and that fashion lovers were not sleeping on the sidewalk for days in advance of the launch is because Ivy Park is not a quick fashion fix.

Ivy Park is not going MIA when stock is drained. You can learn everything you need to know about the brand —from its philosophy of taking you from the gym to the street to what inspired the name to the engineering of the leggings.

Topshop brand manager Cornelous Danzey told Cosmo, "I think we made it apparent that Ivy Park is now a part of Topshop's brand. It's not just a one-week collaboration that's going to sell out and disappear — this is going to be with us continually throughout the season."

Sleeveless Logo Bodysuit, $50, Ivy Park

From my exchanges with the brand's awesome PR team, I was aware that Ivy Park was not temporary. But even I needed to see it in black and white like this! So the same probably applies to regular shoppers.

Logo Slider, $35, Ivy Park

Danzey also pointed out that Ivy Park is not ostentatious. It's wearable basics that will be there for the taking, saying, "The clothing in other store collaborations are very theatrical, but this line is more wearable. It's all about comfort and it's not about show."

Logo Crew Neck Tee, $26, Ivy Park

Know what that translates to in my mind? Ivy Park is as real as it gets. The offerings will be in style and shoppable for season upon season.

Sheer Mesh Hoodie, $70, Ivy Park

You can expect restocks and replenished supply of Ivy Park pieces. So if you didn't get to scoop an item you particular adored, it'll be back.

I look at it this way — it's an addition, not an edition.

Images: Courtesy Ivy Park (6)