Sophie Turner Reciting "Hello" By Adele As 'Game Of Thrones' Jon Snow Is The Only Video You Need Today — VIDEO

Ever wanted to see the wonderful Sophie Turner, aka Game of Thrones' Sansa Stark, recite Adele as Jon Snow? Good news: All your dreams have been answered. In a new video for Net-A-Porter, Turner slayed as Jon Snow reciting the lines to "Hello" — her impression even included lines that were edited to reflect the reality of Westeros, like "I must have called you" being turned into a cheeky "I must have ravened you a thousand times." In other words, it's brilliant.

Turner then goes on to give a somewhat... interesting rendition of the X-Men's Wolverine (but with the best prop claws in town) and I think she's really got something with her three-second impression of Professor X (yes, complete with bald cap). The crowning glory of the video has to be, however, her lip syncing of Justin Bieber's "Love Me." This girl's really not bullsh*tting about her passion for the prince of pop.

This video's got me thinking, now. Is it just me, or was "Hello" approximately a zillion times more emotionally-affecting coming from the Northern lilt of one Jon Snow? Totally sounded like it was directed at Ygritte, right? It makes me wonder what other contemporary songs would fit in with Game Of Thrones characters' voices.

So here, without further ado, are the songs I believe need to be newly recorded by your favorite Game of Thrones characters. Thank you for the inspo, Sophie Turner.

King Joffrey Singing "Sorry" By Justin Bieber

Could a Joffrey rendition of this song be a tentative first step to restoring his public image? Too bad he's dead.

Daenerys Targaryen Singing "Work" By Rihanna

Surely it's indisputable: our girl Queen Daenerys has got a fierce work ethic. Almost as fierce as Rihanna, who reportedly "works her a** off" to deliver hit single after hit single. I could imagine this must be almost as challenging as raising three dragons and caring for thousands of newly-freed slaves.

Arya Stark Singing "Dangerous Woman" By Ariana Grande

When the Hound begged for a quick pity death from Arya and she left him to a drawn out, highly painful one, Arya showed just how ruthless she'd become. She's gone from being a vulnerable child to a dangerous woman very, very quickly.

I hope this has given you guys ample inspiration for an inventive, Game of Thrones-esque take on your favorite pop songs. Let me know how it goes next time you hit a karaoke bar with your friends.

Image: NET-A-PORTER/YouTube