32 Pics Of Will & Kate Being Amazingly Adventurous

I don't know about you, but whenever I see a picture of Prince William and Kate Middleton, I get tired — on their behalf. If you somehow haven't noticed, those two crazy in love royals are constantly on the move, and not just to travel and be regal and whatnot. Will and Kate live extremely action-packed lives and that aspect of their relationship hasn't changed one bit even after having two babies. There is quite literally never a dull moment with them, and we should all thank good heavens that most of their activities are photographed so we can all fawn over their perfection and unrivaled stamina.

Their most recent adventurous activity? The royal couple went on a hike in Bhutan, but it wasn't just any hike. No, according to People , Prince William and Duchess Kate went on five-hour hike in the high altitude of the Himalayas. The publication reported that Prince William "looked puffed" and that he jokingly said the hike was "easy" as he was in the midst of it, but that Kate "was not perspiring." I feel you, Will.

If you think about all of the activities they've partaken in over the years, though, it makes sense that they'd enjoy such an arduous trek. Here are 32 pics of Prince William and Kate Middleton being a couple of of Sporty Spices.

1. Looking Chipper On Their Hike

I wish I could smile that wide while doing any sort of activity.

2. An Aerial View Of Their Hike

Cause why not?

3. Taking A Well-Earned Casual Break Atop A Mountain

For real, though. Them, the scenery... it's all too much.

4. One More With Their Sunnies On

They just look really cool, OK?

5. Here's A Vid Of Them Talking About Their Hike, You Know, For Fun

Bunch of regular Indiana Joneses with those outfits.

6. Prince William Getting Into The Archery Spirit

In a suit. You go, Wills.

7. Kate Showing Off Her Mad Skills

Is there anything she can't do?

8. The Duchess Having The Time Of Her Life


9. The Duo Feeding Baby Elephants

Could they be any cuter?

10. Hanging Out The Top Of An Off-Roading Vehicle

George and Charlotte are never going to be embarrassed of these two. How could you be?

11. When The Whole Fam Went Skiing

Never too young to start.

12. When Will & Kate Had A Snowball Fight

This is the stuff of rom-com dreams.

13. Which Somehow Turned Into An Adorable Dance

I'm dead.

14. When Kate Ping Ponged In A Dress

Like a boss.

15. When They Had Matching Uniforms

Put them in, coach!

16. When Kate And Prince George Had Some Fun In The Sun

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

He's taking after their adventurous spirit, I can tell.

17. When They Became Honorary Cleveland Cavaliers...

I mean... this is cool.

18. ...And Ballers

Oh, you guys.

19. When They Were The Best Fans

You can tell they're really into it.

20. And When They Were The Best Fans With Prince Harry

YASSS royal family bonding.

21. ...And Again

I am Kate in most tense sports situations.

22. When Kate Got In On The Action

While dressed to the nines.

23. When They Weren't Afraid To Get A Little Wet

Who knew life vests could be a fashion statement?

24. Seriously Though, This Looks Awesome

Their faces say as much.

25. When They Went Sailing

Looks a little more relaxing than the previous water encounter.

26. And They Each Took The Reins

Kate Middleton as the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ emoticon.

27. Exhibit B

One hand, don't care.

28. Another Epic Shot Of Them Being Mega Sports Fans

Go, team!

29. And One More For The Road

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I think I saved the best for last.

30. When They Played A Little Soccer

Excuse me, "football."

31. And Will Practiced Some Fancy Footwork

Get it, Will.

32. When They Then Made Soccer Super Romantic

That's how you do it, peeps. That's how you couple.

Phew, OK. I need a nap. Slow down, Will and Kate. I can barely keep up. (JK, don't slow down.)