8 Powerful #OneBostonDay Tweets You Should See

The horrific terror attack known as the Boston Marathon bombing happened on April 15, 2013. Since then, the city has created a new annual tradition: One Boston Day. Every year on April 15, One Boston Day honors and celebrates the resiliency, generosity, and courage of Boston residents on that tragic day in 2013. Twitter users have joined in the celebration using the hashtag #OneBostonDay and they have shared stories, photos, and hope for everyone involved in the attack. These eight powerful #OneBostonDay tweets honored the Boston Marathon bombing.

If you're looking for another way to honor the Boston Marathon bombing, you can donate to the victims and survivors in various ways. There were more than 25,000 acts of kindness pledged on April 15, 2016 via Twitter to honor One Boston Day, according to the organization's website. The hashtag #BostonStrong has also emerged to commemorate the terror attacks, and people all over the nation have used it to show solidarity with the victims and Boston residents.

More than 264 people were wounded in the bombing and One Boston Day is a way for the United States to come together and recognize the strength of Boston residents after the bombing. Here are eight of the most powerful #OneBostonDay tweets to honor the Boston Marathon bombing and to show just how strong Boston is three years after the attacks:

Survivors Share Their Stories

After the bombs went off during the marathon, three people were killed and one officer was shot by the Tsarnaev brothers on the MIT campus where he worked. One survivor, Kara Goucher, ran the marathon that day in 2013 and safely made it to the finish line to be reunited with her son. Now, three years after she survived the bombings, Goucher remembered the victims from that day and shared a photo from the event.

Where Are The Survivors Today?

There were nearly 300 people wounded in the Boston Marathon bombing and many of them still live with the tragedy of that day. One survivor, Jeff Bauman, lost both of his legs after a pressure cooker bomb went off at the marathon. Today, Bauman travels the country speaking about his experiences; Jake Gyllenhaal has been cast to portray Bauman in the upcoming film Stronger, which will be about the Boston Marathon bombing.

Remembering The Youngest Victim

Martin Richard was just 8 years old when he died from the Boston bombings. Richard's last words were, "No more hurting people... peace," according to the Boston Globe. Richard's family attended the One Boston Day ceremony and showed their unity with others affected by the terror attacks.

Remembering All The Victims

The four victims from the Boston Marathon bombing have been honored every year since the attack. In a tweet from the MIT Police department, rather than expressing anger, or even sadness, they call on everyone to be kind to one another as a way to remember these victims. Spreading peace and love is the #BostonStrong way, and it is powerful to see this message has continued years after the bombings.

The Finish Line

The finish line at the Boston Marathon became an iconic image because that's where the bombs went off and wounded so many people. Today, the words "Boston Strong" are painted above the finish line to show the solidarity among Boston residents who continue to participate in the marathon. This image has become a symbol of peace, unity, and strength, as well as a sobering reminder to the people who were at the marathon in 2013.

Spreading Peace And Love

On One Boston Day, the message has always been to spread peace and love, and to be kind to one another in memory of the tragic event. Instead of spreading a message of anger and hate toward the Tsarnaev brothers for their senseless attacks, Boston has remained strong and committed to moving forward with a positive outlook for the future.

#OneBostonDay says it all.