Website Analyzes Personalities Based On Tweets

If you ever wonder about how other people perceive you, you're not alone. Though most people utilize things like horoscopes and Myers-Briggs types to understand themselves better, self-awareness is about to take a turn for the techy, as there now exists a site that analyzes personalities on Twitter. By evaluating 400 or so "junk words," or small indicators of your attitudes, interactions, and opinions, it gives you a synopsis of who you really are. The site,, is the creation of social scientists at Auckland Medical School in New Zealand as well as the University of Texas at Austin.

Across dozens of studies, junk words have proven to be powerful markers of people’s psychological states,” the researchers write. “When individuals use the word I, for example, they are briefly paying attention to themselves. People experiencing high levels of physical or mental pain automatically orient towards themselves and begin using I-words at higher rates. I-use, then, can reflect signs of depression, stress or insecurity.”

A recent study published in Psychological Science echoed the sentiment, noting how you can actually use tweet analysis to predict things like heart disease mortality rates. Words that were associated with negative mentalities were higher predictors for heart disease, even when controlling for other factors like income and education.

All of this to say: it seems pretty legit. After all, what better way to evaluate yourself than with the words and messages you use every single day! Check out some of the sample charts done below on some of your favorite celebs. Granted this is not an absolute (and not a perfect science), but it is interesting either way. If you're so inclined, check it out for yourself!

Taylor Swift

Surprising exactly nobody, Taylor is super upbeat (almost like, manically upbeat) very "plugged in," and not very worried or depressed at all.

Amy Schumer

Amy is super positive, not very worried, a little angry, and uh, not very analytical? (At least not over the Twitterverse.)

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez had what's probably the most epic analysis so far, as she's apparently very upbeat, not at all depressed or angry. (Though I'm giggling over the fact that she's a little "spacy" — not our girl! The in depth analysis of the of the inherent sexism of the word "valley girl" is forthcoming, because ugh.)

Kim Kardashian

According to this analysis, Kim seems really worried, and actually kind of depressed. (Watching Kanye live tweet might do that to a person?)

Jaden Smith

Jaden's analysis indicates that he's spacey, depressed, but pretty much lives in the moment. This is somehow surprising, yet not at all.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles is another happy one! With probably the most upbeat analysis we've seen so far, he's definitely winning this ranking (not that there's anything to *win,* but if there were... it'd be Harry all the way.)

Images: Pexels; Analyze Words