#Snochi Takes Over Social Media

Guess what we're doing while we're stuck inside hiding from Winter Storm Pax? Um, binging on Twitter, Instagram, memes, and YouTube, obviously. I mean, what else were we supposed to do with this much snow on the ground — go to work? Psh. At least most of the country is in the same boat, so we can all manage to keep ourselves entertained.

Unimpressed with the title “Winter Storm Pax,” Capital Weather took it upon themselves to give the blizzard a new name:

It even has its own logo:

Two of them!:

And its own Twitter!:

And once this happened:

All we could think was this:

Although for some reason, someone thought this was a good idea:

To which all we can say is:

We’d rather deal with it like this:

In spite of it all, this squirrel seems pretty happy:

And Ygritte seems to be enjoying herself, too:

Although we’re definitely going to have to watch out for this:

Meanwhile at Walmart:

And of course it wouldn’t be a natural disaster without some input from Grumpy Cat:

Maine prepared for it in typical Maine-iac fashion:

While D.C. took the opportunity to make some snow angels:

And Maryland, bless its little heart, made sure not to forget good ol' Sochi:

Still, it could be worse. At least we don’t live in Antarctica:

Images: Getty Images