Nick Jonas Steals The Show In New 'SNL' Promos

You know those videos of unlikely animal friendships, where, like, a dog and an elephant are best friends, but you never would have predicted it until you saw it, but then it's a perfect match? That's how I feel watching the new Saturday Night Live promos with Nick Jonas and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. And please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying either one is the elephant to the other's dog — just that when I saw the two of them interacting onscreen, I was unexpectedly like, "Oh yes, more of this please, yes." So, it's good news that Louis-Dreyfus is the host and Nick Jonas is the musical guest for SNL's Apr. 16 episode — there's totally the possibility of seeing them together on screen a little more. Honestly, while Louis-Dreyfus clearly needs no help hosting, as she is not only absurdly talented but also a former cast member herself, I'm surprised at how much the promo makes me want to see Jonas hop into a few sketches.

Jonas just is such a calm, confident foil for the hilarious energies that Aidy Bryant and Louis-Dreyfus are bringing to this video that I really want to see more. He just stands there through the first promo, smoldering gently while Louis-Dreyfus and Bryant carry the day, but he gets more involved in the second two: First when Bryant warns Louis-Dreyfus away from Jonas because "he already says he loves me and that I'm his wife," and he responds with the fact that all he said was "hi." It's a simple line, but his timing is perfect, and he's so at ease in front of the camera, I love it. Watch it for yourself and just try to tell me I'm wrong.

See what I mean? Don't you totally want some Nick Jonas in all those SNL sketches come Saturday? This promo more than proves that dude can hang.

Image: Saturday Night Live/YouTube