Penelope Disick Has Already Mastered This One Makeup Trick Even Adults Struggle With — PHOTO

You might've thought that North West was the only toddler with makeup talent, but it looks like the skills run in the family. In a recent interview with Elle, Kourtney Kardashian revealed that Penelope Disick has makeup skills already. Apparently the three-year-old is pretty great at one basic technique that many adults struggle with, and I'll bet she has her mom to thank for that.

It's never too early to be thinking about a profession, and at just three years old, it looks like Penelope has found her true calling. Kardashian told Elle that Penelope blends out her foundation perfectly when playing with her makeup, so the toddler could quite possibly have a makeup-filled future. If Penelope and North, who has already mastered contouring, are this good at makeup now, just imagine what they'll be like as adults!

However, Kardashian tries to make sure that her daughter knows that makeup, while fun, isn't the most important thing in the world. "I try to tell her, 'That's not good for your skin. Your skin is so beautiful anyway! You don't need that. Let's wipe it off together so everyone can see you.' But I don't want to offend her, and I don't want her to feel like she's done anything wrong by exploring," Kardashian told Elle.

Her motherly advice goes for playing around with fashion as well. "It's such a fine line, because getting the right message across, about being beautiful inside and being a caring person, that is so important," Kardashian told the publication. "But I don't think that means you can't experience fashion and beauty. And I hope I can show her that balance."

That's some pretty sounds parenting advice, if you ask me! It seems to be paying off too, because Penelope is one heck of a dresser. The three-year-old has the ability to master any style at just a young age, which has me thinking that she has a stylish future ahead of her. Here's some of the looks she already perfected.

1. Ballerina Tutus

Could that color scheme be any more darling? I think not.

2. Outdoorsy Gal

Even in the freezing temperatures, Penelope knows how to look fierce.

But really, where can I find these boots in my size?

3. Classic Style

She switched up her casual go-to style for something a little more refined for music class.

4. Standing Out Among Friends

Just because everyone else was wearing a tutu doesn't mean she's going to wear one too.

Penelope can even make it a bit more causal with the addition of a sweater.

5. Laid-Back Lace

While some toddlers would just throw on a t-shirt to navigate Harry Potter World, Penelope adds a dressy touch to her look.

6. Simple Staples

A white shirt and sweatpants has never look more trendy.

7. Matching Mommy

Everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes.

8. Classic Black

Her black satin shirt sure did stand out in the family's Christmas card.

Penelope's got a bright beauty future ahead of her!

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Image: KourtneyKardash/Instagram