'Pretty Little Liars'-Endorsed Ways To Spend Your Time Waiting For Season 7

Is this just A pranking us, or do we really have to wait until June 21 for Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars to start? While three months isn't so long, it's an eternity to wait to find out what happened to one of Pretty Little Liars' own (you guys know who I'm talking about, but there'll be no spoilers here for those who haven't yet made it to the end of the nail-biting finale of Season 6B).

While most people might use up time by starting a band, finally getting cracking on writing that novel or by simply starting another box-set of (gasp!) an entirely different TV series, I say, no. Let's spend these three months the way Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer would want us to: becoming even more obsessed with America's spookiest small town, Rosewood, and the mystery that's just getting more and more complicated with every season that goes by. Goodness knows we need the three months for extra thinking time after all those twists and turns in the plot in Season 6. I mean, more (Ed: No spoilers here, Sophie)?! You've got to be kidding me. But worry not. There's enough Pretty Little Liars themed activities here to keep even the most fervent fan occupied until midsummer.

1. Hit Etsy To Buy Yourself A Rosewood Souvenir

You can buy this Pretty Little Liars keepsake at the Favwish shop on Etsy — a piece of jewellery that's both adorable and wonderfully practical, because it's cute and it also reminds you of the importance of keeping your friends' dark, terrible secrets or else. This is just one of tons of cool Pretty Little Liars gear you can find there — birthday card from A, anyone? Or an unscramble puzzle for Hanna Marin's great one-liners? Online shopping just got seriously interesting!

2. Read Up On Your Favorite Subject With Pretty Little Liars Fanfiction

It's never a bad idea to get an overview on Pretty Little Liars ‚– and how about covering the gaps the show leaves? The fanfiction here covers just about every angle you can imagine, including what happens to the gang when they go to university.

3. Go Visit The Real Rosewood

Rosewood was based on a real place: Rosemont, PA. It must be a pretty interesting town, because it's inspired not one, but two great series. Apparently it also served as the basis for the fictional town of Pine Valley which provided the setting for the soap opera All My Children.

4. Go Visit The Real, Real Rosewood: The Pretty Little Liars Set At Warner Bros. Studios, That Is

Given all the five star reviews on Tripadvisor for this, I'd say whatever it costs, it's going to be worth it. "We walked through many of the sets (houses) outside and all of the inside studio sets as well." — Um, what? And get to see Aria's painfully cosy bedroom for interior design inspiration? Sign me up, pronto.

And if all else fails? Try rewatching Seasons 1-6 for the most fun use of the three months.

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