Is Hailey Baldwin's Silver Hair Real? The Gray Shade Looks Almost Natural

Celebrities and gray hair definitely became a thing in 2015, and the trend is apparently continuing to stick around for 2016. The latest star to join the gang is Hailey Baldwin and, if you're wondering, "Is Hailey Baldwin's silver hair real?" you're not alone! The subtle gray with mauve undertones looks so natural on her, so it's pretty convincing it might be her real hue.

However, a scroll through Baldwin's Instagram will reveal her natural color is most definitely not connected to her hot new look. Baldwin posted the cutest pic of her and her sister as toddlers back in January, and Baldwin's hair was definitely 100 percent sunny blonde with slightly darker roots.

Beyond Baldwin's gray locks debuting just in time for Coachella, the gorgeous model has already gone through several pretty serious hair transformations since her toddler days. She took to Instagram this past February to reveal a luscious caramel brown hue, and has also been known to randomly pop in natural looking highlights.

Now that Baldwin's officially joined the gang of young celebrities rocking gray hair, she's in good company to say the least! I've pulled together tons of celebs that have decided to go gray, and every single one owned the look with pure perfection.

But before I dive into all the hot silver celeb looks, can we stop and appreciate Baldwin's natural blonde toddler cuteness?

And now, she's definitely a stunner silver fox!

Heck, her and all the celebs below might just have me reaching for gray dye...

1. Zosia Mamet

The Girls star looked absolutely gorgeous when she went for an "antique vibes" hue.

2. Kylie Jenner

Oh Kylie, is there any color you can't pull off?

3. Nicole Richie

I feel like no one ever expected this fun and fierce look on Richie!

4. Ellie Goulding

Yes, the queen of EDM pop has rocked gorgeous silver strands.

5. Lady Gaga

Is there any look Lady Gaga hasn't tried?

6. Ginnifer Goodwin

I can't even handle how much I love Goodwin's lilac tone silver.

7. Pink

This fearless star jumped on the gray trend in 2010 long before it took off! I'm filled with envy.