Kat Von D Is Releasing A New Eyeshadow Palette

by Kali Borovic

It seems like not a month goes by without Kat Von D creating a new beauty product, and this one is no different. Kat Von D Beauty created yet another eyeshadow palette, because you can never have too many, right? While the packaging sticks to her usual dark and dramatic theme, this one is a bit different than the others — in more ways than one. When does Kat Von D's Serpentina eyeshadow palette come out? There's no definite answer, but the clues point to a late summer or early fall launch..

Shocking her fans with the news of yet another product launch, Kat Von D Beauty uploaded a photo of the brand's latest eyeshadow palette to Instagram. The photos shows the black and gold packaging against a bright yellow background, but other than that, not much information is provided in the caption. The price, release date, and even the colors are all being kept a secret for now, but that's not stopping people from showing their love and excitement in the comments.

The only hints provided are two hashtags, #comingsoonbutnotsoonenough and #getready, which have me thinking that it might be a summer release. Since the brand already released the Shade + Light Eyeshadow Quads for spring, this could easily be the palette of the summer or at least early fall.

The tattoo artist loves to keep her shades in sets of quads to get a full, contoured eye look, and I'm willing to bet that this one isn't any different as far as set-up goes. The packaging does seem a bit thicker than her other creations though, so there's a possibility that you could get even bigger eyeshadow pans. According to Sephora's public thread, it seems fans of the brand are speculating that the palette will feature jewel tones like gold and copper. That sure would be a lot different than her usual matte shades!

If this product is anything like her already-popular Shade + Light palettes, then it's sure to be an instant fan favorite. Add to that the possibility of new metallic colors that she's never done before and you have something seriously amazing. Let's just hope that the brand gives a release date sometimes soon.

Kat Von D Beauty wouldn't be the only makeup brand to experiment with metallics for this summer. Kylie Jenner just released her metallic Lip Kits as well, and got a great response from social media makeup lovers. Maybe Serpentina could be the perfect palette to pair with your new shiny lips!

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