Will Katy Perry's COVERGIRL Collection Be Sold In Stores? This Collab Will Be Easy To Find

Katy Perry has teamed up with COVERGIRL to create the Katy Kat Collection just in time for summer. Meow! The collection is going to be released online, but can you scoop up Perry's lipsticks and mascaras in stores too? According to a press release, the line will be available at mass-market, drugstore, food and e-commerce retailers nationwide beginning July 2016. However, if you're trying to scratch the Katy Perry itch, 11 of the 13 matte lipsticks in the collection are currently available for pre-order via Walmart. Allure says that the full line will be available for pre-order in early May.

The collection itself is pretty darn special: it includes 13 demi-matte lipsticks, and several shades of black and blue mascaras that are as vibrant as Perry's own shades. When you think of the shade "Blue Perry," think of that amazing electric blue wig Perry is known for donning at the MTV Movie Awards. The mascaras are supposed to add 10x the volume to your lashes and range from $6.99 to $8.99.

However, the real grabs are the $6.94 lipsticks. Because matte is so popular right now, Perry went for a demi-matte finish. Additionally, she told Vogue that, "I want to put my lipstick on once in the early morning and not have to think about it for quite a few hours, you know? My lipsticks are a moisturizing demi-matte because sometimes mattes can make you look like you haven’t drank water in two weeks. Obviously you don’t want scabby lips just because you want your lipstick to stay forever!" CoverGirl complied, and ensured that the consistency of the product was "more moisturizing than the average matte," according to Refinery 29. Hallelujah!

In addition to being the right consistency, color is a very important factor in this line as well. As the queen of pop-color, Warhol-esque music videos, and secret Tumblr girl, according to Vogue, Perry needed the shades to be just right. The lipsticks all have adorable, on theme names like "Kitty Purry," "Purrisan Pink," "Crimson Cat," and "Perry Panther." Refinery29 reported that Perry "paid special attention" to Perry Panther, because she wanted it to be more of glossy black than a matte. It is also the shade she will be flaunting at the 2016 Met Gala, according to Vogue. She'll look like a very cool cat!

Lastly, if you want to see each shade swatched IRL, turn to Perry's Instagram! She's started off Coachella Week 1 wearing "Coral Cat." Perry explained to Vogue, "We’ll pick a theme for each day—one day we’ll be romantic Lolitas, the next day we’ll be vampires—and I’ll match my lipstick to that theme!”

So, makeup lovers and Katycats, are you ready for this purr-fect sounding collab?

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Image: Courtesy COVERGIRL (1)