Get K. Jenner's Sequin Bikini In Time For Summer

Festival fashion is officially in season, with most of our favorite celebrities either performing or attending Coachella this April. My favorite look from the festival so far has been Kylie Jenner's sequin bikini: An all-seeing eye design with fluorescent orange trim, which she paired with pastel rainbow braids. It's a look you'd likely expect to see on someone more sartorially eclectic, like Miley Cyrus. But of course the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star rocked the style effortlessly, sharing different shots of the ensemble four times on her Instagram account.

So where can you buy Kylie Jenner's white sequin two-piece? The answer is pretty obvious, if you look closely enough. The waistband and top trim of the bikini reveal that it's from Discount Universe, an Australian brand known for its quirky and unique designs that often predominently feature sequin embellishments as well as eye and lip motifs.

The front page of the store's site showcases Jenner's high-waisted bikini (available in sizes S through L) with each piece costing $119, making that a total of $238 for a two-piece that you probably shouldn't swim in. The cost might be a drop in the water for Jenner's festival style budget, but would likely be a luxury for most of us.

The brand arguably came into the public eye in 2015 after alleging that Miley Cyrus copied its designs for her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. Her costumes featured outfits similar to those of Discount Universe, also sporting sequins, eye, and lip designs.

Evil Eye Hand Sequinned Bra, $119, Discount Universe

Evil Eye Hand Sequinned Panties, $119, Discount Universe

Luckily for the brand, Jenner's 58 million Instagram followers seeing four posts of their favorite teen wearing the set should make for impactful promotion for the brand. Of course, Discount Universe has also been rocked by Rihanna and featured in Vogue.

If the evil eye sequin set isn't up your alley for the upcoming summer months, don't fret. Discount Universe has you covered. With almost every look featuring a fabulous sequin design — except on its plain branded T-shirts — finding the perfect glitter outfit shouldn't be a challenge.

Paradise City Long Sleeve Crop, $139, Discount Universe

It's impossible to know which celebrity we'll see showing off their sequin love next. But make sure you stay on top of this trend by copping some sparkles now instead of later.

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Images: kyliejenner/Instagram; Discount Universe