'Jaws' Sneakers Exist Now, So Make This Beach Season A Morbid One — PHOTOS

If your childhood summers were spent standing on the edge of the beach with your eyes narrowed thanks to a movie called Jaws, you're in luck. You can now face your fears by wearing that bloodthirsty shark on your feet, thanks to Sperry's Jaws -themed shoes. As Mashable reported, it's been 41 years since Steven Spielberg wrote this script and made viewers suspicious of open waters, so the brand is honoring the film with shark-themed sneakers.

Designers have done a bang-up job recreating one of the most terrifying scenes in the movie: One pair of trainers features murky waters and lapping waves on one foot, while on the other there's a close-up of a hungry shark with his teeth bared and ready. Then on the inside of the shoe, we can see a tasteful spattering of blood — hinting that the swimmer might not have gotten away in time. According to Footwear News, "The legendary seafaring brand, worn by the original cast of the 1975 blockbuster movie Jaws, is releasing [the] limited-edition series in May."

Sperry made three different Jaws-themed boat shoes for you to choose from, just in case you want something a little less terrifying or even more bloody. Mashable reported, "The Jaws line comes in a variety of colors (blood red, tooth white, and ocean blue) and styles, with small accents like safety whistles and lace holes that look like life preservers. The insides feature the ominous 'NO SWIMMING / HAZARDOUS AREA" signs that indicated a sinister presence in the waters."

If you're more of a minimalist, you can try on the white slip-ons with the word "JAWS" written across them in what appears to be bloody water.

Or you can get slip-ons that sport one foot rocking a hungry shark, and the other foot holding a swimmer that's furiously paddling away. Then on the inside, you can see ominous "Beach Closed" signs and a smattering of blood.

You can even opt for a simple blue pair, with the good ol' shark gliding on the side. While it might seem basic, the true charm of the shoe is what's on the inside: You guessed it, blood.

While a little gory, these sneaks will definitely put you in a summertime mood. Shark infested or not, a beach is still a beach. As Mashable reported, the Jaws shoes will go for $70 to $85. It's time to start saving!

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Images: Sperry (6)