These Throwback 'Gilmore Girls' Magazine Covers Are So Adorable — PHOTOS

If it feels like you spend all of your time these days reading about Gilmore Girls –– searching for new details of the revival, reading theories about what's going to happen, looking at old photos from the original show — you're not alone. Thankfully, Keiko Agena (aka Lane Kim) understands the struggle well, as shown by the wonderful Gilmore Girls throwback photo she shared on Instagram of herself, Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore), and Melissa McCarthy (Sookie St. James) posing for a magazine shoot and looking fierce af.

As for when Agena's photo is from, it's unclear; the actor says right in the Instagram via hashtag that she is #notgreatwithdates and seems to not know exactly what magazine this picture was featured in. But after some research, I discovered that this amazing photo shoot took place for People's March 2002 Spring Style Preview. That may feel like a long, long time ago, but if you're a superfan who absolutely needs the photo Agena shared and more like it in your life, the publication is available on Ebay for purchase. It'll make the perfect addition to your Gilmore Girls throwback collection.

And now that you've taken that foray down memory lane, let's look at a few more old school Gilmore Girls magazine appearances you might've forgotten about. In the early 2000s, those gals were everywhere, and with the revival coming up, they'll be back in our lives before we know it.

1. Seventeen, May 2002

Unfortunately, this cover is not available on Ebay to purchase, but stare at it here to uncover all the Western-styled, early '00s goodness.

2. TV Guide, February 2001

This cover is from back in the days of the first season, a time when not everyone realized what a powerhouse Gilmore Girls would be (fools!). You can read the article from this magazine here.

3. Teen Vogue, September 2004

What if the revival was a crossover between The O.C and Gilmore Girls and Adam Brody's character and Alexis Bledel's character got married...Would anyone complain?

The world of Gilmore Girls magazine covers is a dangerous rabbit hole to find oneself strolling around, so I suggest exercising serious caution. Thanks to Agena for reminding us all that Gilmore Girls never goes out of style.

Images: Seventeen Magazine, TV Guide, Teen Vogue