An 'Anastasia' Musical Is Coming To Broadway & Here's What '90s Kids Hope It Includes

The late '90s is back, y'all! In what is perhaps the best animated-movie-news I've heard since I found out there was going to be a live action Beauty and the Beast, it's been revealed that a musical version of 20th Century Fox's Anastasia will be coming to Broadway, according to Variety. The site reports that the musical will be hitting New York City during the 2016-2017 season, so it's gonna be here soon. Get ready, folks, because this is what '90s kid dreams are made of.

Still, while it's all very exciting, there are a few things that better be included in the new Anastasia musical in order to appease fans of the original. I have high hopes that it's going to stay true to my beloved memories of the movie, because according to Playbill, the songwriters are the same ones from the original — Broadway veterans Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens. The rest of the cast and crew seems impressive, including the Tony-winning director of A Gentlemen's Guide to Love and Murder, Darko Tresnjak, as well as Spring Awakening's Christy Altomare as Anastasia. Still, will the musical hold up to the '90s original? If it included some of the possibilities below, then it definitely has a shot.

1. Some Historical Liberties

In real life, the entire Romanov family was gunned down by the Bolsheviks, ending a three-century long dynasty, and Rasputin wasn't a literal monster or the villain of their deaths, just a bad dude with a lot of influence on the royal family. But Anastasia, the movie, didn't mention this, which was for the best — does anyone really need that kind of awful truth in a kids' movie? The musical can play by the same rules.

2. "Once Upon A December"

This song must be included in the musical, because it is legendary. I need it in the overture, or as a stand-alone ballad, or even in the form of a few verses — wherever the writers can put it, as long as it's in there.

3. Bartok The Bat

Chivalrysae on YouTube

I don't care in what form this sidekick appears, I need him in this musical.

4. Extravagant Wardrobe Changes


Bonus points if they happen to be achieved by the magic of the princessy-looking spin. Speaking of which...

5. Lots Of Spins


A spin doesn't even have to result in a wardrobe change, as long as it's included. In the movie, it seems like Anastasia spends the whole time spinning around, and I have no problem with that being repeated in the musical.

6. This Lady


The casting call for Anastasias presented to her grandmother is probably the best part of the entire movie.

7. Angela Lansbury


Is it crazy to want Lansbury to reprise her role as the Dowager Empress Marie? Nobody does voice acting like her.

8. The Beautiful European Countryside


All the landscapes in this movie (Paris! St. Petersburg!) are beautiful, and the musical will hopefully repeat that feat.

9. The Glitter


If glitter falls into the audience in clouds, who could complain? If the glitter happens to also be a part of a wardrobe change, I will complain even less.

10. Demetri's Wonderful Hair


Demetri's gotta have gorgeous floppy '90s hair. That's just a fact.

11. Rasputin's Spooky Vibes


The musical needs a tall, lanky, creepy-eyed villain who can truly terrify audiences.

12. Major Girl Power


Like in the movie, I need the musical to feature Anastasia's sass and strength in the face of men's ridiculousness.

13. Waltzing


Sure, dancing is already a big part of musicals, but here's hoping that this one heavily focuses on waltzing, as the movie does. Bonus points if it includes tear-jerking dances with Ghost Dad.

This musical is going to be amazing, no matter what goes down. I have a lot of confidence in the cast and crew, who will undoubtedly bring the musical back to its '90s glory.

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