Why Isn't Cameran's Husband On 'Southern Charm'? Jason Wimberly Doesn't Want To Be A Reality Star

Cameran Eubanks from Southern Charm is legitimately one of the sanest and most likable people in reality television. It's just a fact. She makes me want to wear Lilly Pulitzer and buy a million dollar home from her, just because I like her so much. One of the greatest traits that she possesses is definitely her realness. She's completely unapologetic about being who she is, which is true a country girl from Anderson, South Carolina. Although, as real as Cameran is, we have never seen one of the biggest parts of her life. Why isn't Cameran's husband, Jason Wimberly, on Southern Charm ?

Well, we probably won't ever see Cameran's other half, at least not on the show. Cameran knows this business (the business of show), and she knows how disastrous it can be when you allow your very personal life to become available for public consumption. After all, Cameran started her reality career 10 years ago on The Real World: San Diego. As a reality show veteran, she's well versed on what works and what doesn't. She addressed this decision on Southern Charm and also told Bravo's, The Daily Dish that the other reason that Jason didn't consent to film for the show was that he has a pretty serious career and reality television just doesn't jive well with it.

According to Trident Health System, Cameran's husband is an anesthesiologist in South Carolina. As a doctor, he probably doesn't have a whole lot of time to film a reality show, and Cameran has mentioned in a few episodes that he is often working or on-call for his job. Despite his aversion to filming, himself, he seems to support his wife and her decision to be on the show since Cameran has never discussed that being an issue for them.

The couple has actually done an amazing job at maintaining their privacy. Unfortunately that doesn't stop everyone from constantly asking her when she plans to procreate. According to Wetpaint, Cameran has no immediate plans to become a mother and, honestly, that's a pretty personal decision between her and her husband, anyway.

I think it's pretty genius of Cameran to keep her personal life personal. So many reality stars let it all hang out and end up dealing with a lot of flack as a result. As long as her husband supports her, he can stay downstairs if he wants to.

Images: Robert Ascroft/Bravo