Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Apologize For Illegally Bringing Their Dogs Into Australia

Traveling with your pets can be a huge headache, and now, a certain Hollywood couple knows for sure there are exactly zero shortcuts. Last year, Amber Heard brought her dogs to Australia when she visited Johnny Depp on the set of the latest installment of Pirates of the Caribbean, and skipped a major step in the process: She gave false information about the dogs when she landed, which means she didn't declare the dogs when they entered the country. But now, their nearly yearlong legal battle has finally come to an end. On Monday, Heard pled guilty to bringing her undeclared dogs into Australia in a Queensland court, and it seems like she and Depp may finally be able to put this situation behind them.

According to Heard's attorney, Jeremy Kirk, the 29-year-old thought that her Yorkshire Terriers, Pistol and Boo, had been declared by Depp's staff, so when she landed in Australia in a private jet, she didn't complete the paperwork herself. Kirk added that Heard was sleep-deprived, so that only added to the confusion, and about three weeks later, the transgression was discovered when a dog groomer posted photos of the dogs on social media. At the time, minster of agriculture Barnaby Joyce told Depp that if the dogs weren't sent home in 72 hours, they would be euthanized.

When they went to court on Monday, Depp and Heard presented a video they'd made apologizing for the incident and highlighting how important it is to keep Australia safe when traveling there:

Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources on YouTube

Since Australia has a unique agriculture that is different from what's found in other parts of the world, animals who travel there are required to be quarantined before entering their country, an important part of the process, which Pistol and Boo skipped. The original charges against Heard alleged that she had illegally imported the dogs and could have landed her in jail for up to two years — and carried a hefty $15,350 fine. Now, these charges have been dropped and Heard faces a one-month good behavior bond instead, which, if broken, will leave the Magic Mike XXL actor with a 1,000 Australian dollar fine.