Beyonce's 'Lemonade' Soundtrack Could Be Her Next Album & Give Us A Doubly Awesome Experience

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to say that I'm upset with Beyoncé, girl. I'm just frustrated. I'm sure this will all be cleared up by Apr. 23, but in the meantime, am I wrong in thinking that the soundtrack to Lemonade might be Beyoncé's new album? Actually, don't answer that, because there is no answer right now. It's all up in the air, and all we have is our guesses and our wits to guide us, so I'm going to use mine to the best of my ability.

Pretty much the moment I saw the short little clip of Beyoncé with a fur coat and braided hair, keeping her face out of sight next to the car, it struck me as very cinematic. I wondered if we might be looking at a soundtrack situation. For one thing, Beyoncé has already done pretty much everything else, and is probably looking for new and interesting ways to surprise us that other artists would never even think of. Barring maybe Kanye West, I can't imagine anyone else whose mind would go to a movie soundtrack/album combination. It would just be such a bold move to have your album doing double duty as a standalone piece, as well as the backing track to a whole 'nother project. Pretty genius when you think about it.

Plus, Beyoncé already puts so much plot into her videos — just think about the layering on of the Katrina disaster in "Formation" — that a soundtrack would be the obvious next step. Are we really expecting Beyoncé to reinvent the music video game again? While the rest of the industry can't even keep an album under wraps until its release without it leaking, Beyoncé managed to release an entire album not just of music, but of full videos as well, completely secretly. She really has nothing more to prove to us when it comes to music videos, when nobody else has even come close to catching up to the last bar she set.

Beyoncé on YouTube

This time around, instead of competing with herself, I'm expecting her to raise an entirely different bar in another area, creating almost an interactive experience by weaving together her music and whatever film is coming our way with Lemonade on Apr. 23. I'm guessing each will inform the other, and we'll be blown away by it regardless.

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