NARS Special Edition Orgasm Compact Is Everything

This is a big deal for all beauty lovers — NARS' iconic Orgasm Blush is a cult classic and it's getting a limited edition upgrade, with a bunch of new features. The blush, launched all the way back in 1999, is a universally beautiful tone of peachy pink that is beloved by celebs and #Narsissists alike. Why? It imparts a natural, healthy, and lit-from-within glow that you can only get from... well, I'll let you pick up what I am putting down. Orgasm is one of those rare powder blush shades that all women can (and should) wear. The brand is relaunching the blush with beautiful updates to the packaging. What are the key differences that define the special version of Orgasm?

Well, there are a few changes to the No. 1-selling blush in the U.S., according to a press release Bustle received from the NARS PR team. Since you can always have more —much more, actually— of a good thing when it comes to makeup products, the custom compact is being offered in a larger size.

There are also some pretty visual features that mostly involve the super-sized case.

I'll pause for a sec to allow you to fan your face with your hands to help you calm down. The excitement is almost too much to handle.

The extraordinary new packaging was designed with Fabien Baron of Baron & Baron. This edition boasts a special NARS logo and a vintage looking model as the visual. Those sunglassess, though.

NARS is also keeping up with the modern, digital world we live in, as the mirror is etched with the #whatmakesyoublush hashtag. Insanely adorbable, right?

The special edition of Orgasm is pretty on both the inside and outside.

I know your next questions are when can you get the new look NARS Orgasm blush and where?

Mark your calendar for May 1, since that is when the super-sized Orgasm will be exclusively available at NARS boutiques and at the NARS site. As of June 1, the ltd. Orgasm will be shoppable at Sephora, department stores, and specialty locations. It retails for $39 while supplies last.

If you find yourself wondering, "Who is Fabien Baron?" If the name is not instantly familiar to you, here is a brief history lesson. He has edited influential publications such as Interview and Harper's Bazaar, in addition to directing Madonna's controversial "Erotica" video and her Sex documentary. Both were cultural lightning rods of the '90s and the "Erotica" clip was eventually banned by MTV.

Big ups to NARS for giving one of its most adored products a sexy revamp.

Images: Courtesy NARS (5)