What Your Favorite Valentine's Day TV Episode Says About You

If you're a proper television addict, every major occasion sends you into a bout of retrospection. Christmas delivers you to a world of stop-motion animation specials; Halloween creates a mental slideshow of your favorite characters' costumes; and Valentine's Day reminds you of all the sweet nothings, stolen kisses, and candy heart moments on the small screen.

Of course, unlike Christmas episodes, which generally end in good tidings and cheer, Valentine's Day episodes don't always run on a formula. Your favorite among the bunch says a lot about you.

Image: NBC

'30 Rock's "Anna Howard Shaw Day

You’ve never put much stock in Valentine’s Day. It’s always seemed a bit silly and commercial to you. You’ve never received a bear holding a heart or a chocolate rose and you prefer it that way. Even when you’ve got a Valentine of your own, you’d rather order a pizza, drink some wine, don matching snuggies, and watch Myth Busters all. night. long. (Those guys really get you going.) Going out on Valentine’s night? That’s for suckers.

The real meaning of Feb. 14? Women’s sufferage. Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day, everyone!

Image: Tumblr/octoberblood

'Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown'

Single or taken, you’re hopelessly devoted to the Holidays. And with the snow still flowing and the winter winds blowing, you’re really starting to miss the tinsel and twinkly lights and all those Christmas carols that make winter seem charming and not completely miserable.

You’ll watch this so-so Charlie Brown special in hopes of recapturing holiday magic and afterwards, you may or may not sneak in one last listen to the soundtrack of “It’s Christmas, Charlie Brown!”

Image: Tumblr/geek-pear

'Friends' "The One With the Candy Hearts"

This classic episode finds Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe spend Valentine’s Day burning memories of their old boyfriends.

If this is your favorite Valentine’s Day episode, you’re definitely the sort of person who puts ovaries before brovaries. You probably prefer Feb. 13 (Galentine’s Day) to Feb. 14. You groan at the thought of putting on a fancy dress to go to a fancy restaurant to eat fancy dinner.

Image: Tumblr/heyvictorhugo

'Glee's "Silly Love Songs"

Let’s be real, you’re probably in high school because only brains that young can process the speed with which relationship bend and break on Glee. And in this particular Valentine’s Day episode, that romantic drama kicks into hyper-drive. Better hope you’re not prone to mental whiplash.

Image: Tumblr/valentinesdreams

'The Office's "Valentine's Day"

You met your significant other at work and while this episode takes place before Jim and Pam ever get together, it reminds you of those moments before you and your boo got together. Aw, isn’t that sweet?

Image: Tumblr/littlethoughtsandwishes

'Modern Family's "My Funky Valentine"

You’ve been with your S.O. for so, so long that Valentine’s Day has rather lost its luster. But this year, you have an idea for a way to make it a night to remember. You just might want to watch this episode — in which Phil tries to surprise Claire by playing a stranger in her hotel room, only to wind up in a stranger’s room — to adjust your expectations beforehand.

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'The Simpsons' "I Love Lisa"

In this episode, Lisa is the only kid in class to give Ralph a valentine – the memorable “I Choo Choo Choose You” card.

If this is your favorite episode, you’re probably the sort of person who makes homemade valentines with impeccable, yet completely terrible puns for each and every one. You’re talented and a great ice-breaker at parties.

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'Parks and Rec's "Operation Ann"

Your best friend comes before everything else. Even though you have the perfect partner waiting back at home, you’re not happy until the Ann to your Leslie is happy and you’ll work to help her have a happy Valentine’s Day (even if she’s already got it totally under control).

Image: Tumblr/queendunham