Ralph Lauren Collection RTW Fall 2014: A Glamorous Upper East Side Winter

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Ralph Lauren can be a little red-white-and-blue-yeehaw for my taste sometimes (see: our fair country's Olympic uniforms), but Thursday's show was a far cry from his suntanned, preppy, Kennedy-esque roots. Instead, Lauren gave us a breath of cold air in the middle of winter; a study in icy glamour.

Though The Cut is criticizing Lauren's collection for being oblivious to the harsh realities of winter weather, I found the show to be the polar opposite — these clothes are winter personified, in all her feathery, chilly, pale beauty. A few of the outfits were a little stuffy — and the Ralph Lauren Polo collection, also shown Friday, was full of predictably cutesy, Southwestern-inspired, ultra-wearable Americana — but the Collection itself, all in dove gray, pale pink, and white, was what took my (frozen) breath away.

Images: Getty Images

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