9 Gadgets Every Stressed-Out Person Needs

Stress is just an inevitable side effect of being alive on this planet, so it doesn’t really matter if you take that third job or don't, or even give up your Monday karaoke nights in lieu of something more productive, right? Nope. Stress is called the silent killer for a reason, and that’s why people need to find healthy and effective ways to de-stress after work or in the midst of an emotional crisis.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at what stress does to your body when you start to feel anxious, even if it’s over something as small as being late or giving a presentation. The cortisol levels in your body rise. Arteries are more likely to fill with plaque, and your body stops all of its non-essential processes, like proper digestion and healthy respiratory function. Stress also disrupts interactions in your brain, and it has been known to deteriorate the learning- and memory-related areas of the hippocampus. All of these things can contribute to lower life expectancy, and that’s why it’s imperative to incorporate some anti-stress activities into your life (especially if everything else you do is high tension and high stakes). Here’s a list of some of the coolest and most convenient gadgets to help you relax right at home, so you can counteract that cortisol release and live the healthiest, happiest life you can.

Massage Away Tension Just About Anywhere

Shiatsu Neck And Back Massager Pillow , $30, Amazon

If you’re looking for a massaging gadget that's small, travel-friendly, convenient, and powerful, look no further than the Shiatsu neck and back massager pillow. Not only do its contours fit effortlessly against your body (anywhere from your neck to the underside of your thighs), but the pillow has a relaxing heating function that can be turned off and on whenever you want. It automatically changes direction in one-minute intervals to thoroughly stimulate tense muscles and knots, and because it comes with a wall charger and a car charger, you truly can use it anywhere.

Try Acupuncture From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Spoonk 3-Piece Acupuncture Mat , $40, Amazon

Acupuncture is widely recognized as one of the most effective ways to reduce stress, but a lot of people (especially in the western world) are intimidated by the practice itself and the price of regular visits. This acupuncture mat, though, is completely changing the way that people experience the ancient art. It comes with a full-sized mat and a travel mat that can be used as a neck roll. Essentially, tiny, virtually painless points on the mat stimulate certain pressure areas all over your back, relieving stress and pain and increasing relaxation. Reviewers say they’re totally hooked after one use, and even the most skeptical of users are living with less discomfort and more happiness.

This Just In – Natural Noises Relieve Stress

White Noise Machine , $20, Amazon

Recent research has found that people recover more quickly and more effectively from mental stressors while listening to natural sounds. Consequently, this No. 1 best seller in sound therapy products could be the very thing to turn any setting (whether you’re working at your desk or trying to sleep) into a more relaxing experience. It comes with six different continuous noises, like waves, thunder, and summer nights, to help you ease your stress away. Plus, it can be used with an adaptor or batteries, it has an auto-stop feature, and the sounds are realistic and smooth, making reviewers call this bad boy a total “miracle worker.”

Relax In The Shower With Steamy Aromatherapy

Aquagenix Aromatherapy Purifying Showerhead , $20, Amazon

Aromatherapy is thought to reduce stress because the part of the brain that’s stimulated with smell is also responsible for releasing happy hormones that regulate emotions. This aromatherapy shower head is so much more than your typical purifying gadget: It softens water by removing chlorine and other chemicals, its seven settings range from rain to jet massage, and it's also super easy to install. But most importantly, its inner cartridges can be filled with your favorite scents and essential oils that are then distributed into the water, so your whole bathroom is filled with a soothing, tranquil mist that melts your stress away. Reviewers love it because it’s durable, effective, and makes every morning feel like a spa day.

Color Your Way To Relaxation

Zen Adult Coloring Book , $8, Amazon

I recently read that adult coloring books have created a global shortage of colored pencils, so I believe more than ever that they’re wonderful for stress-relief and screen-free unwinding. This particular adult coloring book features 50 beautiful mandala designs, which are traditionally used to focus your attention during meditation practices. Reviewers say the designs are lovely, the printing is professional and high-quality, and the light concentration is great for clearing your mind of the stresses and worries of the day.

Turn A Bath Into The Tranquil Experience It Should Be

Luxury Spa Bath Pillow , $13, Amazon

Baths are an awesome way to ease tension and promote relaxation. However, I’m four-foot-eleven and can’t sit in a bathtub without straining my neck, so I have no idea how the rest of you are doing it. This spa bath pillow takes the only thing that’s uncomfortable about a bath — the cold, hard porcelain — and turns it bed-worthy. The pillow itself has super strong suction cups that adhere to any hard surface, so your back and neck stay perfectly positioned, and because the fabric itself is thick, soft, and waterproof, it’s an easy and convenient way to go from strained to 'whoops-I-melted' in a matter of seconds.

Learn All About Meditation With Easy And Accessible Guided Tracks

Creating Calm Within Guided Meditations , $16, Amazon

Meditation is one of the things that I now credit to my newly-found calmness and tranquility. Ever since I started, I’m way better at keeping stress at bay and facing the world with a relaxed mindset. I’m of the belief that if you’re new to the practice, guided meditations are the best place to start. "Creating Calm Within" is an awesome CD (or MP3) that has more than 75 minutes of guided exercises, geared toward relieving stress, centering within, and melting away tension. Denise DeForest Pastoor has a beautifully soothing voice that effortlessly guides you to a place of contentment and relaxation, and when paired with the gentle music and captivating language, this guide is a must-have for newbies and professionals alike.

(Listen to this title now on Prime Music with a free 30-day trial.)

Comfy Warming Slippers Release Aromatherapeutic Scents

Warming Scented Slippers, $18, Amazon

While it’s been proven that taking time to put a nice outfit together improves stress and anxiety, discomfort from clothing can also impact your mood negatively. When you get home from a particularly exhausting day at work, slip into these warming scented slippers. They’re made with a high quality microwave-safe material that keeps your feet toasty and relaxed, and they’re infused with dried lavender flowers to continuously release a soothing and tranquil aroma. Reviewers say they’re ridiculously soft, heat super fast, and hug their feel all over for the utmost relaxation.

Bathtub Caddy Combines Netflix Bingeing And Bathtime

Bath Dreams Bamboo Bathtub Caddy, $38, Amazon

As a lover of all things technology- and bath-related, I think this thing’s the coolest invention since sliced bread. This genius bath caddy isn’t your usual lap desk: It fits over any bath with sturdy, reliable extensions, and it has non-slip compartments to hold your tablet, phone, and a glass of wine. It’s made from 100 percent all-natural luxurious bamboo, and because it has a foolproof design with a waterproof cloth and friction notches (and folds up easily for convenient storage), it’s a great solution for anyone who wants to relax in the bath — but doesn’t necessarily have the attention span to do so.

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