Jill Soloway's New Amazon Pilot Just Got Even More Amazing

How do I love Jill Soloway? Let me count the ways. There really isn’t anyone else in Hollywood these days that I love more than the amazing creator behind some of my favorite projects in Tinsel Town today. Which is why I was so excited — like ridiculously excited — to hear that the woman behind Afternoon Delight and Amazon’s famed Transparent, Jill Soloway, has scored another Amazon pilot, this time starring Kevin Bacon. The new show, I Love Dick, already has some amazing creative and acting forces like that on board, and it sounds like this pilot is going to be one of Soloway’s most amazing projects yet.

But it isn’t just about Kevin Bacon joining the cast of I Love Dick that has me all kinds of excited (even though this news has me jumping up and down giddily in my seat because, hi, Footloose forever). Really it’s the combination of factors that has me conviced that this pilot is going to be one of Soloway’s best yet. (And the fact that Amazon is bringing back one of its most wildly successful creators for another show that is bound to delight audiences everywhere, which is like the icing on top of an already rich cake.)


The new pilot, based on Chris Kraus’ book I Love Dick, is about a down-on-their-luck married couple in Texas who develop an obsession with a very odd, but very charming professor. That’s where Bacon comes in. He plays the oh-so-charismatic professor that this husband and wife become oddly obsessed with. But more than just Kevin Bacon stepping up to lend his incredible star power to the cast, Kathryn Hahn will be playing Chris, the wife who becomes enamored with Kevin Bacon’s character. Hahn has also starred in a number of Soloway’s most popular projects, including Transparent and Afternoon Delight, so to hear that these two amazing women will be working together again is good news for audiences everywhere.

With an amazing cast like this, Soloway has set herself up for serious success with this new pilot. This news makes me want to start an official countdown to pilot season. Before now there wasn’t much to look forward to, but with Soloway, Hahn, and Bacon all joining forces for I Love Dick, I’d give away my entire summer just to get to the premiere of this new show sooner.

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