These ‘Supergirl’ Season 2 Theories Point To More Villains & Dark Mysteries

Monday night, Supergirl ends its first season. With Non using Myriad to control National City, Kara is going to need to prepare for the worst. Thankfully, if Supergirl is renewed for Season 2, whatever cliffhangers may arise can set up future conflict. CBS has not officially announced the future of the series, but I already have some theories for what will happen next.

Where could the show take Kara and Team Supergirl next? There are plenty of things to look forward to already — remember the (female) US President that we heard about in the last episode? According to Entertainment Weekly, if everything works out, she will played by Lynda Carter, former Wonder Woman actress. I'm sure there will also be more relationship drama as everyone manages to have a normal life in light of all the alien drama. Kara and Jimmy might not reconcile before the end of the finale, and did I catch a spark between Cat Grant and Maxwell Lord? I'm intrigued.

There are also plenty of characters and storylines from DC comics to choose from. Surely there will be a new Big Bad for Kara to go up against as well, and there are so many interesting villains in the comics to choose from. Based on what we know and what has been set up in the first season, here are some of my theories for Supergirl Season 2.

The Rise Of Superwoman

We didn't see it in Season 1, but I'm dying to see Lucy Lane become Superwoman in Season 2. It would also be nice if she had a new love interest, I still feel bad about the way things ended for her and Jimmy — though leading the DEO is a pretty major pick-me-up. Kara already has a sister in Alex, but it would be great if she had a fellow female vigilante friend as well.

Dopplegangers From The CW

Barry Allen has visited Kara's Earth now, but every crossover between The Flash and Supergirl doesn't have to include inter-dimensional travel. She could easily run into her Earth's version of Barry, or any of the other characters from other DC shows. That's how I think we'll see them next.

Jeremiah Danvers & Project Cadmus

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has said that Project Cadmus will feature into Season 2, since Myriad got in the way of Alex's rescue mission. What have they done to Kara's surrogate father there? Are they turning him into their own version of Superman, like Superboy in DC comics? I have a feeling that he's going to be more of a villain than a hero, though not by his own choice. Supergirl Season 1 dealt a lot with motherhood, and the re-emergence of of Jeremiah in Season 2 could talk about fatherhood in some interesting ways.

Hopefully Supergirl will get a chance to tackle all of these storylines and more. Season 1 was so engaging, I'm honestly jealous of all the young girls who get to see a character like Kara on TV every week, and there's clearly more story to be told in Supergirl Season 2.

Images: Cliff Lipson/CBS