The Best 'O.C.' Couples For Every Season, Because There's A Love Story For Every One

When I first began watching the best teen soap opera ever (I am, of course, referring to The O.C.), I immediately wanted to pack my bags and move from New England to sunny Newport Beach. I mean, the weather was always amazing, it was socially acceptable to live in velour Juicy Couture tracksuits (please keep in mind that the year was 2003), and I was convinced I would find true love because the couples on The O.C. basically summed up all my teenage romantic dreams. Like countless other viewers, I spent a fair amount of time feeling depressed that Seth Cohen didn't actually exist in real life — but, since I couldn't have him, I 'shipped Seth and Summer like nobody's business. But that's not to say that the show wasn't full of great love stories and there's a perfect O.C. couple for every season.

Every season is symbolic, both in its own right and within the fictional world of The O.C. So, even though not every couple on this was endgame, each fit perfectly with a particular season. Plus, a few of them did end up being OTPs and they gave me seriously unrealistic expectations about romance.

Let's take a look at The O.C.'s couples and the seasons that sum up their romances best:

Winter — Seth & Summer


This one's a no-brainer — Seth lived for Chrismukkah, the holiday he invented in order to embrace his Jewish and Protestant roots. His loyalty to the holiday never faltered and one of the signs that he and Summer were endgame was when she successfully saved Chrismukkah in Season 2. Plus, in Season 1 the pair took their relationship to the next level on Valentine's Day. And, when they realized they'd rushed things, Seth and Summer decided to "start over" in the cutest way possible — by dancing in Seth's room to Ryan Adams cover of "Wonderwall." Swoon.

Spring — Ryan & Taylor

I know, I know — it's basically fact that Taylor wasn't The O.C.'s most beloved character and plenty of people opposed this 'ship. But Ryan was in a seriously bad place after Marissa's death and Taylor helped him heal emotionally. Since spring is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts, I think it suits Ryan and Taylor's relationship perfectly. They may not have been endgame (although this was left open to interpretation, I kind of doubt their relationship survived), but she helped Ryan start a new life without Marissa and I'll give Taylor major props for that — even if she was a bit over-zealous sometimes.

Summer — Ryan & Marissa


First of all, no one rocks a white tank top quite as well as Ryan — so he gets automatic summertime points for that attribute. And, although Ryan and Marissa went through some seriously tough times together (like, you know, when she was forced to shoot Trey in order to save Ryan's life), dealing with these experiences weren't exactly their strong suit. This O.C. couple was strongest when they were enjoying bike rides on the boardwalk and sharing adorable ferris wheel kisses. Plus, it's the season they first met — who could forget the now-iconic "whoever you want me to be" scene?

Fall — Seth & Anna

If a certain someone named Summer hadn't existed, I would have totally 'shipped Seth and Anna. Plus, in Season 1, Summer definitely had some growing up to do and it was pretty lame that she ditched Seth the moment school resumed. So, it was fitting that Seth and Anna became a couple in the fall and they were totally cute together — even though their relationship was basically just a plot device for Summer to realize that Seth was destined to be her soulmate. Sorry, Anna — you deserved better.

Every Season — Sandy & Kirsten


These two were the ultimate #RelationshipGoals on The O.C., regardless of the season, and they're the main reason this show gave me unrealistic hopes about romance. I mean, where am I going to find a guy who will publicly serenade me on our anniversary or spend hours at an arcade trying to find a fake ring purely for sentimental value? Probably nowhere — thanks a lot, Josh Schwartz.

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, there's an O.C. couple that fits the season perfectly — even if the weather didn't change too much in Newport.

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