Justin Bieber Wants Hot Dogs, Yo!

Justin Bieber news isn't always a good thing. Recently, it's been all vandalism this and getting arrested for illegal activies that, but today, today we've got a good one. Justin Bieber spent nearly $250 on movie theater snacks and there is a hilarious story and picture of his receipt to prove it. Movie theater food is notoriously expensive, but still, you've gotta buy a lot of Twizzlers to reach $250.

According to E! News, Bieber showed up to the AMC Phipps Plaza movie theater in Atlanta with a group of ten friends. E! News got their information from Peachyscoop, a celeb and movie news Twitter account based in Atlanta, who gave an account of Bieber's movie outing. "He walked in the back entrance... When a woman [in the group] asked what he wanted to eat, he yelled across the lobby, ‘I want hot dogs!!!'" The idea of seeing Justin Bieber yell that he wants hot dogs across a movie theater lobby is a little too much to handle. That would be soooo amazing. I don't understand how the people working there were able to keep it together enough to serve him his ridiculous amount of food.

Bieber, who was there for a 7:45 p.m. showing of Ride Along, ended up with a lot more than hot dogs. Peachyscoop got a hold of his receipt and posted it on Twitter. Bieber purchased seven hot dogs, six different ice cream bars, and four nachos with extra cheese (the extra cheese alone was $7) among other items. The grand total was $241.75 for way too much food for ten people. In case you're a skeptic, his name is clearly shown at the bottom of the receipt.

Peachyscoop added to E! News, "He looked like he was having a good time, if you know what we mean :)" It didn't seem like E! News did know what they mean and I'm not quite sure either. That he was happy to have his pick of ice cream bars? That he had a lot of hot babes with him? That he was stoned out of his mind explaining why he needed three packs of Sour Patch Kids? Whatever it was, his spending sure puts my M&Ms-hidden-in-my-purse ways to shame.

Image: Getty Images