13 Mini Perfumes That'll Fit Inside Any Purse — PHOTOS

Although I love fragrance, perfume is one of the first beauty products that I forget when I'm in a hurry. My solution to this problem is to keep a purse-friendly mini perfume option (or two) in my bag so that if I run out the door without remembering a quick spritz of my signature scent, I can still dab on a bit of oil or solid fragrance on the way to the office.

These super-portable products are also great options for those of us who prefer quieter, less obvious fragrances, since roll-ons and solids tend to pack less of a punch than traditional perfumes. This is especially great for office settings, particularly if you don't want to be the person setting off allergies in the elevator. Plus, taking your favorite scent with you allows you to reapply so that you can continue to enjoy your perfume long after an early morning application will have worn away.

If you find yourself prone to stress during the day, stash a soothing but subtle scent like mint, lavender, or vanilla in a purse or pocket and apply to your temples when you need a mental break. This trick has helped me manage my anxiety for years, since the sensory trigger of my favorite essential oils tends to quickly snap me out of panic mode and into a more open, relaxed frame of mind.

Finding and wearing a perfume you love can really improve your mood, and with all the easy, grab-and-go options available, there's no need to miss out, even on your busiest days. Check out these 13 great, portable scents, and make a little room in your bag for a new traveling companion.

1. Sweet Simplicity

Shea Luxe, $14, Kind Soap Company

This comforting vanilla solid perfume will make you feel like you're tucked under a warm blanket, even when life gets crazy. The simple, push-up packaging makes this scent easy to apply on the go.

2. Tiny Delight

Wander Little Luxe Eau de Parfum, $9, Lollia

This unbelievably precious, tiny perfume bottle is perfect for tucking into a bag or pocket for sweet-scented adventures. The light scent of white flowers and green notes will provide an uplifting accompaniment to your daily routine.

3. Morbid Curiosity

Skull Solid Fragrance, $22, Soap & Paper Factory

Play up your enigmatic side with an unusual blend of herbs, black tea, and citrus. A dab of this solid perfume on your pulse points will give you maximum mystery with minimal effort.

4. Woodsy Wonder

Mediterranean Fig Solid Perfume, $9, Pacifica

Embrace your earthy side with a spicy, woodsy scent that will remind you of freshly-turned earth and green, growing things. Use this perfume when you want to feel a little more grounded.

5. Cool And Clean

Cucumber Mint Perfume Oil, $10, Long Winter Soap Co.

The perfect solution to a slow Monday afternoon, this cool, fresh scent will give you the added burst of energy you need to get through the workday. Natural oils and Vitamin E ensure that this fragrance will do as much good for your skin as it does for your mood.

6. Tropical Treat

Island Honey Perfume Stick, $9, Poppy Drops

Take a break from reality with a tasty, island-inspired combination of vanilla, honeyed coconut, and breezy sea salt. If you can't jet off to paradise just now, at least you can bring a little bit of paradise to you.

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7. Dew Drop

Rain Perfume Essence, $20, Terranova

If you love the just-washed scent of a sudden rainstorm on a hot summer's day, then this crisp, sparkling fragrance might just become your go-to. Small enough to tuck into your tiniest clutch, this roll-on perfume essence will be there for you, wherever you go.

8. Citrus Zest

L'Epi de Provence Ginger Orange Solid Perfume, $13, Touch of Europe

A bright, citrus scent with a bit of a kick, L'Epi de Provence's sweet orange and spicy ginger concoction is a real treat. Energize your routine with this simple yet satisfying solid fragrance.

9. Perfumed Palette

Solid Perfume Blending Palettes, $30, Melange Perfume

Have you ever wanted to create your own personal fragrance? These solid perfume palettes let you do just that, by assembling four complementary scents in each tote-able compact, so that you can mix and match your favorites for a truly unique fragrance.

10. Stars Align

Zodiac Roll-On Perfume Oil, $10, Demeter Fragrance Library

Take customization to another level with unique perfume oils crafted for each of the 12 astrological signs. From Virgo's sensual sandalwood to Aquarius' clean linen scent, find the fragrance that's perfect for you.

11. Shareable Scents

Campfire Rebel Petal Pack, $24, Pinrose

If you're an incurable beauty product evangelist, then you'll love Pinrose's perfume Petal Packs: Sets of 20 individual fragrance-filled sachets, each perfectly portioned for a single use. Throw a few in your bag to wear yourself or share with friends; addictive scents like the smoky, boozy Campfire Rebel will have your fellow perfumistas clamoring for more.

12. Desert Flower

Desert Lavender Botanical Fragrance, $55, Los Poblanos

With a sweet yet earthy floral scent that seems plucked directly from nature, this perfume oil is handcrafted with lavender essences from flowers grown at the organic Los Poblanos farm in New Mexico. The invigorating, slightly herbal tang of this blend will cut through mental clutter and help you feel a little more centered.

13. Universal Appeal

Wayfarer Solid Cologne, $26, Solid State

Want a more unisex scent? There's no reason you need to stick to traditionally "feminine" perfumes; this solid cologne from Solid State mixes tobacco and tonka bean for a warm scent that will smell delicious on anyone.

With all these easy, inexpensive options for fragrance to-go, there's no reason you can't enjoy your favorite scents whenever you feel like it. These packable perfumes will be there when you need them, ready to make life a little bit sweeter.

Images: Courtesy Brands