What Colors Are In The Urban Decay 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' Eyeshadow Palette? They Span The Spectrum — PHOTOS

Beauty junkies, and I am looking at eyeshadow fiends in particular, are about to be majorly stoked. Urban Decay is reprising its partnership with the Alice in Wonderland film franchise with an expanded collection. The centerpiece of the line is the thoroughly blockbuster Alice Through the Looking Glass eyeshadow palette, which lands online on May 1 and in stores on May 5 ahead of the film's May 27 release. It features 20 pans of eyeshadow and comes with a $60 price tag. What colors are in the Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass eyeshadow palette?

The shades are high impact, bold, bright, and offer serious color payoff. According to Women's Wear Daily, the characters of Alice, The Mad Hatter, Time, Red Queen, and White Queen each have four shadows directly connected to their look.

It's important to remember that 20 shadow shades means that there are endless custom color combos. You can play with this palette and its shades every day and by the time the movie is out on DVD, you still won't have exhausted the creative possibilities.

Before we further explore and analyze the colors x character themes contained within the trippy, kaleidoscope-like packaging, let's observe the palette in all of its shimmery, sexy, and shadow-specific glory.

Go back down that eyeshadow rabbit hole!

The colors are so incredibly adventurous. Bustle reached out to Urban Decay reps to confirm which shadow colors are brand new and/or designed expressly for this palette.

UPDATE: Urban Decay's PR team responded to Bustle's inquiry about the palette shades. All 20 shades are brand new. They are not pre-existing shades with new names, according to the brand's reps.

There is such a sense of whimsy and wonder in the trippy packaging, which includes the pop-up butterfly.

Here's a further breakdown of the shades and how they relate to the characters, according WWD's chat with brand founder Wende Zomnir. This vivid video also perfectly demonstrates how the shadow colors relate to the characters.

Urban Decay Cosmetics on YouTube

The Alice shadow colors are the softest, featuring peach, pink, and brown. But the most memorable shade is periwinkle blue and it matches her iconic dress. The Mad Hatter hues are vivid and include a magenta, green, pinky purple, and golden orange. The Queen shades are right and regal; Mirana's colors are softer neutrals while Iracebeth's a bit brighter. Time's colors are the darkest and allow for the creation of a smoky eye with gunmetal and a navy hues.

Beauty Junkies, prepare to drop 60 clams on the Alice Through the Looking Glass eyeshadow palette on May 1, which is the online on-sale date. It lands in stores on May 5.

It's so, so worth it, since it's Urban Decay and it's Alice in Wonderland.

Images: Urban Decay/Instagram (2); Wende Zomnir/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Urban Decay (1)