Halloween in February: Celebrating Women in Horror Month with 8 Creepy Reads

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If you thought the polar vortex was the scariest thing to happen in February, beware of Women in Horror Recognition Month. The celebration's aim is to support and promote female horror genre artists — from screenwriters to directors to novelists — in a traditionally male-dominated space. This February marks Women in Horror Month's 5th annual celebration, marked with blood drives, art shows, and film screenings, which the creators hope will support "the achievements of women who utilize the most extreme mirror available in storytelling: horror," according to the WiHM website.

Women have voices like Shirley Jackson, Anne Rice, and Mary Shelley to look up to in the horror literature space, but we still have a long way to go to gain the acceptance that male genre authors, such as Stephen King, have achieved. In keeping with the mission of WiHM, turn of the lights, grab a flashlight, and climb under the covers with one of these eight creepy reads by current YA and Adult novelists

Image: Pexels

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