McDonald's Offers All You Can Eat Fries For The First Time — But There's A Catch

I had not eaten McDonald's in quite some time, at least not up until I moved to Los Angeles. It was only after trying the In-N-Out fries that I realized how much I missed those beautiful golden potato sticks from the yellow and red restaurant. Having that context, you can imagine how happy I was to learn that McDonald's all you can eat fries have come into existence in St. Joseph, Missouri. Happy early birthday to me, world! I'll take my gifts in the form of a deep frier. (#LifeGoals.)

It looks like the brand new state of the art McDonald's being built in Missouri will shake things up by giving their customers what they want — crispy delicious fries. An endless amount of them. The 6,500-square-foot restaurant will be opening in July, according to Jenn-Hall St. Joseph News, and will feature state-of-the-art electronics to keep even the most spirited kids busy. Even on the off chance that they don't like playing video games, the restaurant will have a playground for them to run around in. But my favorite part of this entire story — table service. That's right! The McDonald's workers will bring your food to your table, which really saves you all that standing around, questioning your "life of endless fries" time.

This state of the art facility is born out of the changing landscape of McDonald's customers. People want an environment that they can engage in, instead of the traditional fast-food model. With technology expanding, and more people wanting to get the most for their dollar, restaurants are constantly changing their business models to tailor their needs. If I am ever in Missouri, I will stop by this establishment and see just how exactly it's running. Until then, I'll just keep looking at their floor plans and imagining myself there.

Lounges. They will have lounges, people. The emphasis on "environment" and "ambience" can be seen by the family section. Booths and arm chairs will be around for those looking to kick back and sip of some delicious iced tea, while enjoying the food they grew up eating on special occasions.

As always, McDonald's manages to make all of their food advertising to look irresistible. Trust me, I will cave. I know myself well by now. Also — is that guacamole I'm seeing, or am I just in a fever dream? If it is guacamole, I will be making a cross country road trip this summer.

Finally, the actual conceptualized design of the restaurant shows you just how nice and upscale they are modeling it. I love it. Hopefully, the success of this place will let the idea roll over to all McDonald's establishments, because I'm craving that frier power.

Image: Facebook/St. Joe McDonald's