Prince Harry & Prince William Live All Your 'Star Wars' Dreams During Their Set Visit — PHOTOS

I live my life incredibly envious of Prince William and Harry for so many reasons. First of all, they're royal. Who doesn't want a crown and a throne?! Second of all, they get to hang out with Kate Middleton every day, and third, they get to travel the world, usually with the adorable George and Charlotte in tow. But after their latest adventure, I think my jealousy is at an all time high. Are you ready for this? On Tuesday, Prince Harry and Prince William visited the set of Star Wars VIII , and the photos that have resulted from said visit are phenomenal. Like, basically a pictorial journey through what any fan would want to do if they had the once in a lifetime chance to step inside that world for a day.

I mean, they did it all. They met various cast members, they played with light sabers, they got a behind the scenes look at all that movie magic. And since Kensington Palace knew that those of us at home would desperately want to be included, they flooded Instagram and Twitter with an insane amount of photo and videos of their day at the UK's Pinewood Studios. The only thing missing is Middleton, who seems to have sat this one out, but these photos are giving me so much life that it's really hard to be disappointed about it.

And judging by the grins on their faces, it definitely seems like this opportunity wasn't wasted on the royal brothers. Enjoy this beautiful collection of photos of Harry and William living their best lives... and all of ours, too.

Daisy Ridley Gave Them A Tour Of The Costuming Department

Yes, that is Rey's head. And yes, that is Rey herself. How is this a real thing that happened to someone?!

Harry & William Got Locked In An Epic Light Saber Battle

As you do when you visit the set of Star Wars, of course. Casual.

Harry Got Hairy

You have to hug Chewbacca when you meet him. There is no other way.

And William Got To Meet BB-8

And Even Got To Hear His Adorable Droid Sounds In Person

Guys. I'm dying.

A Few Other Cast Members Were There Too, Like This One

NBD, just hanging out with Luke Skywalker. It's a regular Tuesday.

And This One

For the record, I think Chewie wins the best outfit contest. Who can compete with a well dressed wookiee?

And They Closed Out The Day With Some Pilot Lessons

Yes, that is Mark Hamill, still hanging out with Harry. And as Anakin would say...

And Took The Best Group Photo Ever

Can you count the legendary people in this photo? Spoiler: It's all of them.

So now my next question is this: How do we regular, non-royal people get in on this? Is there someone I can call? Chewie, leave a spot open in your schedule for me. I need a hug ASAP.

Image: Giphy