The CW is Renewing 5 Of Our Favorite Shows & This is how we feel about it

YAY FOR VAMPIRES, SUPERHEROES, HUNTERS, AND ROYALS! The CW renewed five of its dramas. Its fun, spooky, hot hot hot dramas. This is wonderful news. So,which shows made the “definitely getting another season” list? The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Reign, Supernatural, and Arrow. Ugh, The CW. You're so good to us.

How did I react when I read the news? Click away!

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What’s that? The CW renewed some shows, you say? I’m listening…

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Is the renewal list a miss?

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NO WAY! It’s a hit!

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Vampire Diaries?

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The Originals?

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Oh. You know it.

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Yep yep yep!

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This announcement surely warrants a celebration.

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Thank you, The CW. Thank you for keepin’ TV a little weirder, a little sexier, and a little awesomer. I am forever grateful.

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(I’m feeling a lot of things, okay?)

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