8 Hacks To Grow Your Eyebrows Thicker

This year feels like the year of the thick eyebrow, as well as the phrase “on fleek.” The combination of the two is the most 2016 thing ever. There are loads of reasons why eyebrows start to thin out (as well as common mistakes that simply make them look like they are), but there are ways to combat both for anyone who's having trouble achieving thicker, fuller brows.

If you’ve ever been caught in the back-and-forth of plucking one eyebrow, then the other, then back to the first, in an attempt to make them perfectly even, then you know that over-plucking is a slippery slope that often leads to thinned eyebrow growth. However, most people don’t know that eyebrow thickness can also be an indication of one’s state of health, too. I first got checked for hypothyroidism because my dad noticed that my eyebrows didn’t grow outward very far; then I got my blood levels tested, and lo and behold, my thyroid was slow. Thin eyebrows can also be a sign of nutrient deficiency, aging, and autoimmune diseases like Alopecia Areata. Diet and nutrition can make all the difference in these matters, but if you’re looking for a little extra help, here’s some of the best tips and tricks for thick, full brows that work because they replenish the vitamins and fatty acids that your hair needs to grow.

Nourish Brows With An All-Natural Petroleum Jelly Alternative

Waxelene, $7, Amazon

One common mistake people make when it comes to getting thicker, fuller brows, is completely forgetting about how hydrated their follicles are. If yours are dried out, hair has a tougher time growing in. Waxelene, an all-natural petroleum jelly alternative, nourishes dried-out brow follicles with safe ingredients like beeswax, castor oil, vitamin E, and rosemary oil. These ingredients restore essential nutrients and fatty oils to your hair follicles, and reviewers love it because it’s great for sensitive skin, smells subtly sweet, and has a great consistency. In addition to hydrating brows to further encourage growth, this formula can be used for everything from cracked feet to tattoo healing.

Utilize Castor Oil For Hair Growth

Organic Castor Oil, $15, Amazon

Castor oil has tons of fatty acids that promote hair growth, and it's one of the most successful tips for thick eyebrows — especially if you've made the mistake of over-plucking. This organic castor oil contains nothing but the highest quality chemical-free oil, which can be used on eyebrows to thicken them and prevent future loss. It comes in a darkened glass bottle that helps to preserve its natural healing qualities, and its pipette-style top makes for easy application. Reviewers say their hair is growing back quickly and thickly after years of trying just about everything, and they started seeing results with this in as little as two weeks.

Go Thicker With Biotin And Peptides

Biotin-Infused Lash And Brow Elixir, $25, Amazon

If you're tired of thin-looking brows, but you're making the mistake of not utilizing well-known hair-growing ingredients (like biotin and plant stem cells) in your beauty routine, listen up: This lash and brow elixir is ridiculously popular because it’s filled with biotin, peptides, plant stem cells, aloe, green tea extract, and seed oil — all the things that’ll help you grow those brows thick and full. It also comes with a gentle mascara-style applicator brush that’s great for both brows and lashes, and reviewers say that it works significantly better than other (way more expensive) elixirs. Simply put, users are super impressed, and eyebrows are super defined.

Tint Your Eyebrows While You Grow Them

Perfect Brows Tinted Growth Balm, $34, Amazon

If you’re looking for something that defines while it grows, this tinted balm is the answer. While most brow liners and serums need to be used separately (because if not, the high oil content smears the color all of your face — making no one's brows look their best), this pomade is filled with 100 percent organic ingredients like beeswax, cocoa butter, and essential oils that color and darken your brows while creating long-term growth. They look shiny, well-groomed, and healthy, and best of all, it’s totally safe and won’t interact negatively with sensitive skin.

Stimulate Keratin With Brow Serum

Organyc Brow Serum, $35, Amazon

Organyc brow serum has top ratings because it contains lipo-oligopeptides, which are comprised of fats and amino acids that penetrate hair follicles, stimulating the keratin you need to grow hair thick and healthy. Sound intimidating? You can rest easy knowing that this serum is natural, gluten free, vegan, hypoallergenic, and fragrance-free. It has a small needlepoint brush for precise application, and reviewers say they’re amazed with the results they’re getting.

Shave, Instead Of Over-Plucking

Stiles Eyebrow Razor, $18, Amazon

While you should never, ever take a razor meant for legs or under-arms to your eyebrows, this eyebrow razor lets you keep things as precise as possible. When you mistakenly over-pluck with tweezers, you remove hair at the root (and it even has the potential to damage the follicle in the process). But this razor gadget allows you to shape an arch without permanently thinning eyebrows, and because they have an easy-grip handle and are gentle enough for use on sensitive skin, tons of reviewers have switched out their tweezers and hair-trimmers in lieu of these guys. They also come in a set of six, so you’ll be well-groomed for quite a while.

Feed Follicles With Coconut And Argan Oil

Rapunzel Hair Growth Coconut Oil, $14, Amazon

The combination of coconut oil and argan oil can do wonders for hair growth, because they both nourish follicles with the oils and antioxidants they need to flourish. This mixture of the two is a lightweight and greaseless solution for thinning hair, and while most people use it on their heads, it’s also a great option for eyebrows. It makes them appear thicker and smoother while also providing the necessary nourishment for growth, and reviewers say it smells incredible and really reverses damage.

Vitamin E & Wheat Amino Acids Encourage Brow Growth

Le Fair Eyelash And Eyebrow Growth Serum , $24, Amazon

This unique hair growing formula uses vitamin E and wheat amino acids to condition your brow hairs, and the formula can even be applied to any delicate eyelash hairs that could use a little extra nourishment. Simply apply this serum every night to the roots of clean eyebrow hairs. One user said after doing so, they saw fuller brows after just two weeks. The formula is easy to apply, and even fragrance-free.

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