Leo DiCaprio Auditioned for 'Moulin Rouge': 5 Ways It Would've Been Totally Different

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Imagine, if you dare, the role of Christian in Moulin Rouge played not by star Ewan McGregor, but instead by Leonardo DiCaprio. Weird, right? Turns out that if our boy Leo had been a better singer than he is, that might've been exactly what would've happened in the Baz Luhrmann epic. Turns out Leo DiCaprio auditioned for Moulin Rouge. The the role ultimately went the other way, but it's funny to imagine what a Moulin Rouge would look like with DiCaprio in the driver's seat instead.

Something tells us it would've made it that much harder to get over our I'll-Never-Let-Go-Jack impression of him.

So we've decided to do just that: imagine a word with Leo instead of Ewan and the results may, well, surprise you. Click ahead to see the differences the casting would made — at least in our nutty minds.

Image: Getty Images

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