How Much Is The MAC Good Luck Trolls Collection? Here's The Breakdown

If you follow MAC on Instagram and saw the brand's latest troll post, you may be wondering how much the new MAC Good Luck Trolls Collection costs. Well, wonder no further, because I've got all the information you could possibly need. As Refinery 29 reports, the line ranges from $16 to $34, so you have a wide variety of options for how much to spend. Curious about the product-by-product breakdown? Read on!

According to the press release, the four lipsticks run for $18 a piece, while the four Lipglasses, which have a glossy sheen, will set you back $16. As far as the five single eyeshadows go, they are $17 each and only include one matte. You can scoop up the pigments and glitters for $23 a piece, while the two beauty powders are $27. The brush is $43 and, lastly, the chroma craze nail polishes are $20 per bottle.

Because this is MAC, you know you will be getting good quality but the decision to purchase the collection is for you and you only. All together, the grand total of all twenty-two items will set you back quite a bit, but hey, if you're a troll (or MAC) superfan, by all means. The collection is set to be released online on July 28, so mark your calendar.

Lastly, if you really want to get your terrifying troll doll on, there is a Trolls film anticipated to hit theaters later this year with the voices of Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick! So, whether you were born in the sixties or the nineties, you'll be able to share the gem-studded belly button nostalgia!

If you want to continue with the troll theme until the collection arrives, here are a few troll-related purchases you troll fans can make. Troll.

1. Troll Doll Gems

700 Stickers 4mm Acrylic Face Jewels Body Gems, $14.61, Etsy

You can rock these on your belly button at Coachella, troll style.

2. Troll Doll Socks

Women's Troll Doll Slipper Socks Black, $6.37, Target

For the secret troll fan! Unless you wear them with a denim mini skirt.

3. Troll Doll Buttons

Pin Costume MULTI, $2.54, Target

To pin on your jean jacket and be a trendy troll.

4. Troll Boyshorts

Women's Boyshorts - Trolls™, $5.99, Target

These troll boyshorts are for the hardcore troll fan.

5. Troll Pendants

Trolls Light Silver Trolls Locket Necklace, $5.09, Target

You know, for good luck!

6. Troll Doll Hats

Cute Troll Baseball Cap, $13.99, CafePress

This Troll Doll hat is maybe actually something I would consider wearing ironically.

7. Troll Doll Friendship Notes

Trolls Multicolored Trolls Friendship Notes, $5.94, Target

For your next birthday!

8. Poppy Troll Figurine

DreamWorks Trolls Poppy 9-Inch Figure, $37.90,

It doesn't get any cuter than this toy version of Anna Kendrick's character Poppy from the upcoming movie.

9. The Troll Doll Mug

Portable Beverage Mug Trolls 16oz. Multi-colored Trolls, $5.94, Target

For the troll teacher fans or troll moms in your life.

10. The Troll Wig

Discount Pink Troll Wig, $13.99, My Costume Wigs

Happy Troll-o-ween, trollettes! You'll definitely stand out in this troll wig!

11. An Actual Good Luck Troll

Target Exclusive Blue and Green Good Luck Doll, $16.95, Ebay

For your purse on the way to an interview for a huge promotion.

Images: MAC (2)