Why Is Rita Repulsa Green In The 'Power Ranges' Reboot? Fans Are Baffled By Her Costume — PHOTOS

The new Power Rangers movie isn't out until March 24, 2017, but fans are already getting majorly excited about it. Excitement only grew when People exclusively revealed a first look at Elizabeth Banks in character as Rita Repulsa in the upcoming reboot. Of all the questions fans might have had about Banks's character, the fact that she is dressed in green seems to be of the utmost concern. So why exactly is Rita Repulsa green, and does it matter?

While fans are speculating about the Pitch Perfect 2 director's appearance in the upcoming Power Rangers, Banks herself discussed the new outfit with People. Banks said, "It's definitely a modern and edgy re-imagining of the original Rita Repulsa. We wanted to give her a backstory that connects her to the new Rangers." There are currently no more details about the origin of Rita Repulsa's new outfit, but it certainly sounds as though the fact that she's green could play an important role in the new Power Rangers movie.

As People reports, the new Power Rangers movie "features five super teens better known as the Blue, Yellow, Black, Pink and Red Rangers, fighting to take down Repulsa, the evil humanoid alien witch trying to conquer earth." Banks will undoubtedly do an awesome job as the movie's villain, and her costume looks suitably theatrical for the role. Notably absent from the roster of Power Rangers is the one and only Green Ranger. Could Rita Repulsa's history somehow be linked to the absent Green Ranger?

While many fans seem unimpressed with Rita Repulsa's new look, her outfit has certainly caught the attention of the public. Since it seems more than possible that the movie's villain has an important connection with the other characters, another good theory is that Rita be a new incarnation of the Green Ranger? It wouldn't be the first time a hero and a villain have turned out to be the same character in a surprise twist. Just look at the first season of Elementary.

We'll all have to wait until 2017 to find out why Rita Repulsa is green. Until then, we should probably all speculate as to whether or not the villain will turn out to be a long lost Power Ranger. Either way, Banks looks killer.