Amy Schumer Votes For Hillary Clinton In The New York Primary While Wearing The Perfect Voting Attire — PHOTO

It's a special and important day in the state of New York, as residents are going to the polls to vote in the New York primary. And one of those individuals is a very famous actor and comedian who is shouting from the rooftops the pertinence of voting, especially for a particular female candidate. Obviously, I'm talking about Amy Schumer voting for Hillary Clinton. On Tuesday, Schumer took to Instagram to let everyone know that not only did she follow through with her civic duty, but that she most definitely stands with the former Secretary of State.

As you can see below, Schumer wore the perfect attire to vote. Would you expect anything less? In addition to throwing her arms up in the air and placing her "I Voted" sticker on her nose, the Trainwreck writer donned a Clinton T-shirt that I appears to read, "b*tch, please," though I can't say for certain. The way Schumer has it tied is obstructing my view of the exact phrase. Either way, it's a shirt I'm sure many Clinton supporters either own or now hope to purchase. Alongside the photo, Schumer wrote, "Said go New York go New York go! #imwithher."

It's no surprise that the Golden Globe nominated star would vote for Clinton, as she "officially" declared in late March that the former Secretary of State is her choice as the next POTUS.

In addition to the above shirt, Schumer is also the owner of another piece of Clinton memorabilia. She proudly has a Clinton figurine that she loves walking around her apartment with. Seriously, check it out here:

She also loves to have coffee with her, because, duh:

I have a feeling she owns many other Clinton-related items, which is just another way for the Inside Amy Schumer star to voice her support for the 2016 presidential candidate. Plus, it's a great way to show just how important voting is to her.

Now, you don't need to put on a shirt printed with the face of the person you're voting for while you're actually voting, but, if you do, wear it proud just like Schumer.