When Is Tyler The Creator's Fashion Show? The Rapper Is Following In Kanye's Footsteps — PHOTOS

We have found ourselves in an era during which it's no longer pop stars alone releasing clothing lines, but unexpected celebrities who have come out to push their creativity into the world of style. With this in mind, Tyler, The Creator is having a fashion show, Dazed reported. Of course, this might not be as surprising as it would have been five years ago when the rapper's brand Golf Wang launched. But it's no less exciting.

Since then, the clothing brand adored by skaters and rap enthusiasts alike has pushed the boundaries of all things sartorial. Not in terms of clothing construction per se, or even by creating trends, but through particularly controversial designs. From a T-shirt that alleged that a Donald Trump presidency would be similar to Adolf Hitler's reign to converting white supremacist symbols into gay pride T-shirts, Tyler, The Creator (aka Tyler Gregory Okonma) is making fashion political again in a move that feels authentically punk rock.

The bright colors, clashing patterns, and controversial messages on everyday clothing items like oversized T-shirts and baseball caps channel Tyler's personal style, while simultaneously raising a middle finger to the traditional ideas of fashion design. With the next Golf Wang collection being presented at Made LA, according to Dazed, Tyler will likely be flipping the bird to a much larger audience. Made LA is a brand new fashion event being held on June 10 and 11, 2016, featuring events, runways, and more celebrating the worlds of celebrity, fashion, and art in Los Angeles.

Flame Socks Blue/Yellow, $12, golfwang.com

Golf Moto Jersey, $80, golfwang.com

Appearing at the event alongside Golf Wang is the acclaimed Moschino, fronted by creative director Jeremy Scott, who told Vogue that he was ecstatic at the thought of "doing a show in the city I live in and getting to sleep in my own bed that night!"

Although this is definitely a plus point for any designer, I get the sense that Los Angeles has been feeling left out in the hustle and bustle of fashion weeks. Now, Made LA is bringing catwalk presentations to the people who are probably most likely to purchase the clothes on stage: The Hollywood elite.

Pink Nylon Spring Slim Fit Jacket, $150, golfwang.com

In the same interview with Vogue, Tyler, The Creator revealed his own reasons for deciding to present Golf Wang at a fashion event for the first time ever. He said, "I just make whatever clothes I want to wear for the next five months and then run that. I don’t really put deep, intricate thought into it — it’s more like a feeling. I just figured, Why not? Why not do something different?"

He added that he'll be making sure the world gets to see that fashion can be so much more than "wearing all-black [and being] super pretentious." Instead, Okonma is out "to show them a different world."

Golf Rugby Peach/Mint, $90, golfwang.com

Personally, I think Golf Wang's vibrant style will fit in well among the likes of cartoonish but clever Moschino designs. While we still don't know which styles Tyler will bring out for his first runway collection, they'll undoubtedly be unexpected and poignant.

Images: Golf Wang