This Highlight Palette Is Made For Mermaids

Hold onto your flower crowns, ladies (and gentlemen) because this highlighter is going to blow your musically-inclined minds. If you have a summer filled with music festivals and free-spirited road trips, then a rainbow makeup is exactly what you need. Get your glow on with this rainbow highlighter, just in time for festival season.

Highlighting and strobing are some of the biggest makeup trends since the invention of lipstick, and the craze isn't slowing down anytime soon. Highlighting typically goes hand-in-hand with contouring, or creating highlight and shade on your face where the sun would naturally create it. Strobing, on the other hand, is going all out with the highlights and nothing else. That's where this rainbow highlight comes in.

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Bitter Lace Beauty is an online Etsy shop that creates handmade magnetic makeup palettes and beauty products. Her handmade illuminating powders include minty green Mermaid's Lagoon, Once Upon A Time, and Magic Carpet Ride. But it was the rainbow Prism compact that most recently captured the internet's heart.

Rainbow Highlighter, $28, Bitter Lace Beauty

"Prism is seriously my pride and joy!" the brand posted on Instagram "Each pan takes special kind of love to make! Thank you so much for making it such a huge success, I know you all are going to flip when you see this color in person!"

Prism retails for $22 and has purple, blue, green, yellow and peachy pink highlight shades in one pan. It's restocking very soon, so you can get that unicorn glow just in time for your next concert.

Rainbow Highlighter, $28, Bitter Lace Beauty

Stunning, right?!